When Bush Budgets

These days, any president's budget is an exercise in political posturing and economic gimmickry, but this year's $2.4 trillion offering by George W is a P.T. Barnum exercise in flim-flam, economic voodoo, political whitewash, hog excrement, plutocratic pandering, and outright fraud.

Not only does Bush's budget not add up, it pretends that 2+2 equals 22 . . . and that you and I are too stupid to know the difference. Start with the fact that the Bushites admit that they have eaten all of the $240 billion surplus they inherited and will leave us with a $520 billion deficit this year alone.

But the debt they're passing on to our children is far worse than that, for -- Flim Flam! -- Bush simply excluded from the budget any cost for his ongoing occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention any cost for his war excursions into other "evil doing" nations. He says he'll let us know how many gazillions these items will cost us after the November elections.

If you went to a bank for a loan with numbers like these, not only would you be summarily rejected, but they'd haul your worthless carcass directly to debtor's prison!

The bulk of the debt that Bush is creating is not to cover things that strengthen our country and improve our lives -- but merely to cover his giveaway of trillions of dollars from our public treasury to the corporations and millionaires who finance his presidency.

Buried down in the line-item details of his budget, you'll find that George is financing this massive giveaway to his already fabulously-rich supporters by cutting back on firefighters, his own no-child-left-behind act, high-school dropout prevention, heating for low-income seniors, disabled students, veterans' health, modernizing our air controller system, clean water, prevention of childrens' lead-poisoning, low-income childcare -- and even the office of domestic preparedness, which is key to local anti-terrorism efforts.

When Bush budgets, the rich profit, and the rest of us pay.


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