The Bloody Lies of George W. Bush

More than 500 American soldiers have now died in Bush's ongoing Iraqi war. Untold thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians have also died.

Why? Because, Bush said, Saddam Hussein is a nasty guy who possessed horrible weapons that posed a "mortal threat" to the U.S. Bush and his top lieutenants screeched in unison that it was imperative to invade Iraq now and "pre-empt" the fiendish dictator before, as George so starkly put it, "mushroom clouds" rise over our country. The Bushites were absolute in their dire warnings that we had to go to war:

George Bush: There is "no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised."

Dick Cheney: "There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction."

Donald Rumsfeld: "We know where they are."

Colin Powell: "Leaving Saddam Hussein in possession of weapons of mass destruction for a few more months or years is not an option."

They lied. Let that soak in. Our top national leaders flat out lied to We the People in order to put our young men and women into their deadly war.

Early this year, with no White House comment, Bush & Company quietly withdrew the 400-member weapons inspection team that they had put in Iraq to scour the country to find the weapons of horror that were the rationale for Bush's invasion. No weapons or evidence of an active weapons program were turned up.

Also, a January report from the Army's own War College scathingly concludes that Saddam posed no threat to the U.S. and that the invasion "was a war-of-choice," not of necessity. This was promptly reinforced by a scholarly study from the Carnegie Endowment that found that Saddam had no weapons program that could "pose an immediate threat," and that "administration officials systematically misrepresented the threat."

This is no matter of innocent little lies. Their lies are stained with blood.


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