Bush the Stargazer

George W has come up with a bold idea that I enthusiastically support. Bush says he wants to go to the moon and to Mars, and I, for one, see no reason not to send him there! Who are we to stand in the way of progress?

Unfortunately, it turns out that he didn't mean that he'd go, but that America should launch a new mission into space -- along with launching multibillions of our tax dollars out there, too. Actually, he's already taken us to the moon in terms of deficit spending. In only three short years, he turned America's $240 billion federal surplus into a $530 billion budget deficit. He's committed future generations to spending untold billions for his never-ending world war, he rammed through a sweetheart prescription drug bill that will dole out 17 billion tax dollars a year to the drug giants, he is demanding that his multi-billion-dollar annual tax giveaway to America's richest people be made permanent, and now he wants us to buy him a Mars shot. Hey George -- how about a new game-boy instead?

His aides say that Bush's proposal is about "presidential vision." Yeah, and you don't need the Hubbell telescope to see where he's looking. This fuzzy-minded, big-budget Mars scheme does two things to advance his real agenda. One, it hauls space shuttles full of tax dollars into the vaults of some of his biggest campaign contributors -- for decades into the future, corporate contractors will fatten themselves at this trough. Two, it will empty our public treasury of any remaining possibility to finance things we really need -- such as good health care for everyone, true educational excellence available to every child, and a crash program to give America energy independence by developing our country's vast alternative energy sources.

George W's "big idea" isn't about vision, it's about blinding us to the true potential of our great nation -- a potential that won't be found in the stars, but in the down-to-earth people of America's grassroots.


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