Bush vs. the United Nations

bush and the unIt seems as though George W. Bush hasn't received positive press from a respectable news service (i.e. not FOX News) since his administration began. All anyone ever hears about the man is that he has once again lied in a speech or he has warped the truth so far beyond breaking point that it's getting hard to keep track of which terrorist was actually behind the September 11th attacks (so much so, actually, that misleader.org offers you a Bush lie every day of the week). Some people declare that Bush gets too bad a rap from his critics, citing some neglect in the Clinton administration as to why the current Republican regime's economy is disastrously below standards.

I'm going to be blunt with Bush's supporters: your hero has screwed up. He's an idiot. Seriously. I can understand why some people would like the man; he's kind of charming in that "I can't read properly" kind of way, but honestly, he has seriously dropped the ball with America. If the fact that Bush is on his way to cutting down more jobs in Presidential history since the Great Depression doesn't convince you, and his series of "weapons of mass destruction" lies simply don't cut it, then his recent scuffles with the United Nations must convince you that the man is barely up to the task of student council representative, let alone Head of State.

It all began back in the day, times that seem surreal by today's standards. Back when the War on Iraq was merely speculation, and critics scoffed at the President's impatience, stating that maybe, just maybe, they should track down that Bin Laden character before, you know, waging war on a nation. As time wore on and the invasion began to become a reality, people -- protestors aside -- adjusted to the fact that soon enough Jimmy and Kate and Billy from down the block would be roasting in the desert sun guarding oil fields for Maximillion, Hughbert, and Kimberly's corporate parents in the Hamptons. Sure, millions protested all across the world, but that didn't much matter. After all, since when did the people have a say in this?

No, the only group that could possibly stop this from happening was the United Nations, a council so powerful that it governed international law. Surely they would put an end to this. Well, as we soon found out, the United Nations became only a minor inconvenience for the United States. It really didn't matter what they said, it was theatrics. Bush hoped that the UN would authorize his attack, but if they didn't then, well, whatever. Besides, what will the United Nations do to the most powerful country in the world? Tax them? Accuse them of war crimes (Bush Sr. was recently exonerated from his war crimes accusation for the identical conquest more than a decade ago).

This casualness about the United Nations' power is what became such a farce during the weeks leading up to the attack. It demonstrated just how crippled the council was to prevent such a powerful nation from doing whatever it damn well pleased, and this is what is so frightening. After all, what's the point of governing all nations when the most powerful one can behave in any manner it wishes?

It seems like it's Bush against the United Nations and, evidently, Bush is more powerful. His recent speech at the United Nations probably made for the most awkward after-council cocktail party in history, but it also revealed how the man doesn't have any responsibility to anyone but those corporations with their hands in the oil. He has no loyalty to the concept of equality or legislation. He is impatient, and all he needs to do is lie and then refute to keep the people on his side. A couple of weeks ago he declared that, uh, no, Saddam wasn't behind the 9/11 attacks, but what does this do for the 70% of Americans who believe he was? Nothing! Bush doesn't need to play by the rules because he's got the best offence, defense and cheerleaders. Kofi Annan, without saying the word "Bush," denounced the US recklessness preceding George's latest speech, but what good does it do?

What's worse is Bush's demands on the United Nations, declaring that it "should assist in developing a constitution, in training civil servants, and conducting free and fair elections." And you know what? I wouldn't be surprised if the UN shows a little give and supplies, at least partially, what Bush asks for. They might as well change the word "Nations" to "States" because it's become quite obvious who owns that council, who decides what it does, and even decides its significance in modern diplomacy.

Why should the UN assist in rebuilding a nation they didn't authorize the destruction of? Because the United States is asking for it, and if you piss off Bush then you'll never hear the end of it. People will start calling your council "Freedom Nations" and rednecks will be denouncing your name on the streets because "the television told me so." It's a sad state we're in when 58 years into the United Nations existence it still doesn't possess any formidable power. It can neither resist nor enforce, and as Bush travels the earth with a bomb in one hand and a list of excuses in the other, all it can do is watch.

Mike LaPointe is a Canadian high school student living in Port Hope, Ontario. In addition to being a published newspaper columnist, he is the editor of the online culture source Fuzed Magazine. You can email him at mike@fuzedmag.com


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