Astromat #56

Aries -- You are at a powerful place as your planetary rulers, Mars and Pluto, touch harmoniously, giving you the strength to make a change. Your sexual levels remain elevated and you move with greater intuition. You’ve been more disciplined lately and have instinctively distributed your energies wisely. Activities may take place in studios, hospitals, bedrooms or in secret at this time. Undercover love affairs, social situations and financial benefits are shown around July 9, especially with the signs Taurus or Libra. Music, visual art, dance, film and the ocean are also featured. The sign Scorpio could play a part.

Taurus -- Cosmic conditions improve when your planetary ruler, Venus, moves into the sign of Cancer late on July 4. Good news, beneficial decisions and pleasant driving conditions are likely along with harmonious circumstances within your neighborhood. Romantic conversations and creative writing are possible around July 6, especially if a Leo is involved. Unexpected happenings and spontaneous plans with friends and the sign Aquarius are shown for July 7, while extreme organizational abilities and sound judgements are indicated for July 8. Communications with parents, bosses and the sign Capricorn are also shown.

Gemini -- There’s no need to worry so much. You’ve felt more sensitive lately with your planetary ruler, Mercury, moving through the emotional sign of Cancer. Besides, romance is in the air late on July 4 and if it’s with the sign Leo, you won’t have to pay for a thing. Activities with children, creative expression and financial speculation are also likely at this time. Love vibrations and financial enhancements are indicated around July 6, especially involving the signs Taurus or Libra. Although positive influences are shown, avoid emotional spending and making forced financial decisions during a dramatic moment.

Cancer -- Although harmonious vibrations are forecast for your sign, plans may be interrupted around July 5 due to conflicting work schedules or temporary health problems regarding your digestion. Your ruler, the Moon, will be moving into the sign of Libra on July 6 highlighting your relationships and the time you spend at home, but a quarrel with a lover may also apply. When the Moon moves into the sign of Scorpio on July 8, your focus will turn to creative, athletic, sexual and romantic activities. You will feel more intense and may be constantly “in the mood”.

Leo -- You’ve gone undercover temporarily as the Sun moves through the sign of Cancer and your 12th house. You’ve been spending more time at home or maybe working behind the scenes has been your recent direction. Secret trips, hidden conversations and pillow talk are forecasted late on July 4 and 5, along with interactions with the signs Gemini and Virgo. Love affairs from the past may resurface close to July 6, especially with older partners and the signs Capricorn and Aquarius. Benefits from authority figures, romance at work and positive career situations are also indicated at this time. The signs Taurus and Libra may apply.

Virgo -- Fireworks are in your future! Planetary influences remain harmonious as your planetary ruler, Mercury, moves through the sign of Cancer and your 11th house. Your intuition has intensified as you begin to feel things more deeply. Real emotional connections with friends are likely in addition to an increased focus on humanitarian issues and your ultimate goals. Romantic situations with the sign Leo and recreation with friends are possible late on July 4. More love opportunities, financial enhancements and social situations are shown for July 6. The signs Taurus and Libra could be involved.

Libra -- Focus turns to career when your planetary ruler, Venus, moves into the sign of Cancer and your 10th house late on July 4. You will be more emotional at this time and may feel the need to play a mother role by caring for those around you. Unexpected circumstances and unusual situations within the workplace may arise on July 7, especially involving friends and the sign Aquarius. Bosses, parents and the sign Capricorn could be instrumental for the advancement of your career on July 8, or maybe you’ll just have a heavier workload than usual. Nursing, cooking, botany and home-based businesses are highlighted.

Scorpio -- Energy levels are currently elevated with your planetary rulers, Pluto and Mars, positively aligned. If you pace yourself and use positive visualization, you can conquer any task. Positive vibrations from Jupiter are still in effect expanding your income, encouraging travel and bringing good fortune. Career advancement, spiritual enlightenment and going back to school are featured along with blessings that come from parents, bosses, foreign people and the signs Sagittarius and Pisces. Social outings, creative urges and love affairs with Taurus or Libra are possible around July 9. Benefits from women are also shown.

Sagittarius -- You are making progress. What you have been avoiding should now be faced head on. Powerful vibrations from the planet Pluto are giving your ruler, Jupiter, the willpower needed to make a transformation happen. If you want a new look, physical changes in appearance could be quite dramatic at this time. Your spiritual beliefs could also be changing, or maybe a distant journey will have a profound affect on your life’s path. Higher forms of education and an elevated sexuality should also be expected. The signs Scorpio and Aries could play a part. Don’t ignore what is staring you in the face. Use your intuition.

Capricorn -- Universal influences remain beneficial as your planetary rulers, Saturn and Uranus, maintain a harmonious position. Although love relationships and business partnerships are being tested for their authenticity, friends and the sign Aquarius could be instrumental in helping you make important decisions, so listen to them. Your extreme desire to hold on to the past can be interrupted with fresh ideas and different directions. A new love or friendship could come into your life around July 7, especially involving women and the signs Taurus and Libra. A romance from long ago may also be rekindled at this time.

Aquarius -- Cosmic conditions are favorable as your planetary rulers, Uranus and Saturn, remain in a harmonious placement for yet another week. Job advancement and the stabilization of current incomes are likely along with benefits from bosses, parents, older people and the sign Capricorn. Romance, recreation and creative activities are possible for July 6, especially with the sign Leo. Love relationships within the workplace and a positive cash flow are forecasted when the planet Venus moves into the picture on July 7, particularly if the signs Libra and Taurus are involved. A strict diet and weight loss is also possible.

Pisces -- Too many directions and fruitless pursuits continue to fade as your planetary rulers, Neptune and Jupiter, move further away from a difficult alignment. What has been left undone can now be completed. Powerful vibrations from Pluto have come into the picture giving you the motivation to put your willpower to work. Career advancement and job changes are probable now as you receive help from people in positions of authority. A greater interest in sex and the regeneration of your physical health are also shown. Loans, grants and inheritances are highlighted. The signs Scorpio and Aries could be involved.

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