Astromat #54

Horoscopes for June 19-25, 2003

Aries -- Recent directions have changed dramatically now that your planetary ruler, Mars, has moved into the sign of Pisces. Your energies have internalized as you move inward, staying away from the public eye. Planetary forces intensify when your co-ruler, Pluto comes into the picture. Changes in direction, an increased will power, and added libido are likely. Unexpected and unavoidable secret situations with friends are forecasted around June 22, especially when the signs Aquarius or Capricorn are involved. Sports, recreation, creative urges and romantic outings are shown for June 25. Children and the sign Leo may apply. Hospitals, bedrooms and bodies of water are highlighted.

Taurus -- Your direction has turned to material interests now that your planetary ruler, Venus, has moved into the sign of Gemini and your 2nd house. Mysterious increases in salary and working by yourself are possible for June 20 along with benefits from your boss and the signs Pisces or Sagittarius. Financial decisions are well made and may incorporate the signs Virgo or Gemini when Mercury moves in closer on June 21. Financial gains from a parent or foreigner are possible for June 24, but use caution against car accidents or being forced into a bad decision on June 25. The signs Scorpio and Aries could play a part.

Gemini -- Planetary conditions can’t get much better than this! Higher learning, secret travel, increased spirituality and beneficial associations with the sign Pisces are indicated for June 20. Cosmic vibrations improve when your ruler, Mercury, slides up to Venus on June 21 bringing love relationships, physical beauty, financial enhancements and social opportunities, especially where women and the signs Taurus and Libra are involved. Good decisions and positive interactions with the sign Sagittarius are shown for June 23, but expect power struggles in close relationships and business partnerships on June 25. The signs Scorpio and Aries could play a part.

Cancer -- The week ends harmoniously with the Moon in Pisces, a harmonious placement for your sign. However, expect difficulties with universities, around churches, while traveling and with the signs Scorpio and Aries on June 20. Energy levels and the ability to change effortlessly increases when the Moon enters Aries late on June 21, enhancing sexual feelings and willpower climaxing on June 22, especially if you are a Cancer born on June 24. Intensities are sustained with added discipline on June 24 while escapism, laziness and lack of direction are shown for June 25. New beginnings are around the corner.

Leo -- Circumstances are soon to change. Your ruler will be moving through the sign of Gemini and your 11th house for only days longer. When the Sun moves into Cancer late on June 21, you’ll be taking a new route as you move into hiding or working behind the scenes. Secret associations with bosses and the sign Capricorn are indicated for June 24, or maybe you’ll just have numerous responsibilities or be working in isolation. Unexpected sexual encounters with a friend or the sign Aquarius and sudden financial gains are possible at this time. Associations with the signs Aries and Scorpio could heat up your love life around June 25. High energy levels and increased sex drive are also shown.

Virgo -- Although your planetary ruler, Mercury, has moved into an inharmonious position for your sign, good fortune is still with you. Working alone or with a Pisces is indicated close to June 20 in addition to possible career advancement. Conditions continue to improve when Venus comes into the picture on June 21 bringing love, financial enhancements, benefits from women and the signs Taurus or Libra, and an increasingly good reputation. Travel, added dream activity and good things happening behind the scenes are possible for June 23, especially if the sign Sagittarius is involved. Look out for power struggles and lack of balance between home and work life on June 25. The signs Scorpio or Aries may apply.

Libra -- Cosmic vibrations remain favorable as your planetary ruler, Venus, moves harmoniously through the air sign of Gemini. Communication skills and intellectual abilities are significantly enhanced. Creative levels rise as you experience romantic opportunities while traveling, at church, around schools and with the sign Pisces around June 20. A Virgo or Gemini could step into the picture after June 21, especially on short trips, over the phone or around your neighborhood. Good fortune is in your forecast for June 24 and may involve your ultimate dreams, friends and the sign Sagittarius. But expect difficulties with transportation, communications, power struggles and difficulties with a Scorpio or Aries on June 25. Avoid obsessive behavior.

Scorpio -- You are moving on to better things with Jupiter moving closer to your planetary ruler, Pluto. Visualize only wonderful situations happening for you because general good fortune is forecasted. Distant travel, higher forms of education and an increased interest in spirituality are likely. Career situations are favorable, especially if a Sagittarius or Pisces is in the picture. Financial expansion is also possible and if you’ve wanted a raise, the next couple of weeks show promise for asking. Avoid financial mistakes or going against what you believe in just because you libido is in high gear within a day of June 24. The signs Gemini, Virgo, Taurus and Libra could be involved. Cancellations, misunderstandings and communications breakdowns are also possible at this time.

Sagittarius -- You should be seeing more clearly as the fog slowly fades away. The recent past has influenced enlightenment, taking you to a higher level. Significant changes regarding your appearance, faith and education are indicated, along with the possibility of life changing journeys. Beneficial communications with Gemini and Virgo are available around June 24 while social outings and romantic partnerships with a Taurus or Libra are within your grasp on June 25. Major changes, higher sex drives and obsessions are possible for those born within a day of December 11. The signs Scorpio and Aries could be involved.

Capricorn -- Celestial vibrations are favorable as your planetary rulers, Saturn and Uranus, come together harmoniously. Love relationships and business partnerships are now being tested while lovers from the past may be renewed, especially with older partners. Friends and the sign Aquarius could be financially helpful at this time, expanding your income resources considerably. Increases in energy levels and libido should be expected after June 19 along with activities with the signs Aries and Scorpio. Suppressed anger may also surface at this time. Romantic encounters and creative activities are shown close to June 24. The sign Leo could play a part.

Aquarius -- Cosmic harmony has been restored for your sign now that your planetary rulers, Uranus and Saturn, have moved into a beneficial alignment. Temporary jobs could become permanent, career advancement and positive associations with bosses and the sign Capricorn are within reach or may transpire without effort. High energy levels and numerous secret activities are indicated after June 21, along with a possible financial benefit from the signs Aries or Scorpio. Romantic encounters may take place at work around June 24, especially with the sign Leo. Children, recreation and creativity are highlighted.

Pisces -- Think positive and don’t sit around doing nothing. A bad situation could turn into a better one regarding travel, religion and education, especially now that lucky Jupiter is moving into a harmonious placement for your sign. Spirituality and expansion of the mind are encouraged as your recent lack of focus and never finishing anything fades away. Love relationships, social gatherings and financial enhancements involving women and the signs Taurus or Libra may cross your path close to June 20. Prepare for unexpected circumstances with friends and the sign Aquarius if you were born on February 22.

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