Astromat #53

Horoscopes for June 12-18, 2003.

Aries -- Your planetary ruler, Mars, will be moving through the sign of Aquarius and your 11th house for a short while longer. Good friends, humanitarian efforts and ultimate goals have been your major focus, but higher forms of education, long journeys and a quest for spiritual enlightenment will soon take the front seat. Look for increases in energy levels, ambition, positive transformations and a killer sex drive close to June 15, especially if you were born close to April 10 or 21. Expect to spend more time alone working behind the scenes when Mars moves into the sign of Pisces on June 18. The sign Scorpio could play a part.

Taurus -- Your focus has changed now that Venus has moved into the sign of Gemini and your 2nd house. Numerous forms of communication will take place at this time. Although you are thinking better than ever, don't be rushed by the signs Aquarius and Capricorn to make an impulsive decision or sudden career move on Friday June 13, or there may be money losses and salary decreases. Artistic endeavors like writing, painting, sculpting and other creative projects involving the hands are also shown. You may even derive an income through these creative efforts. Telephones, computers, neighborhoods and short trips are highlighted. The signs Gemini and Virgo may apply.

Gemini -- You've been living your life in secret, but it's time to come out and play. Harmonious vibrations will engage when your planetary ruler, Mercury, moves into your own sign late on June 13. Your thinking will be clearer as you communicate effortlessly through writing, sign language, visual art and conversation. Unexpected circumstances may take place within your career or with a parent close to June 15 and may involve the signs Aquarius and Capricorn. Possibilities for love relationships with the signs Libra and Taurus grow stronger as each day passes and will come to a climax next week. Physical beauty and benefits from women are also shown.

Cancer -- Heightened sexual desire and physical healing could take place along with career fruition, spiritual enlightenment or maybe just a hard core party attitude are possible during the full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14. Intuition is enhanced and energy levels will soar! Use positive visualization to make good things happen for you at this time. Cosmic energies are lowered when the Moon moves into Capricorn around June 15 when your focus turns to close relationships and business partnerships. Inhibitions and organization abilities will take over. Cancers born around June 23 could experience heavy responsibilities and career advancement. Parents, bosses and the signs Capricorn and Aquarius could be involved. Overindulgence and secret sexual encounters are shown for June 18.

Leo -- Your ruling Sun is moving harmoniously through the sign of Gemini and your 11th house. Numerous writings, conversations and short trips will be taking place, especially with friends and concerning your ultimate goals. Your generous nature could surface through activities with humanitarian organizations and charity work. Vibrations from Saturn promote benefits from parents, bosses and the signs Capricorn or Aquarius close to June 15. Secret activities and isolation within your career are also possible at this time. If you are a Leo born within a day of August 7, good fortune and travel are in your personal forecast!

Virgo -- Please don't say something you will regret around Friday June 13! Getting angry will only disrupt your digestion or give you a headache. Your planetary ruler, Mercury, will be moving into the sign of Gemini and your 10th house by June 14 pushing you straight into the public's eye, so be careful what you're doing because someone could be watching. Unexpected situations may arise around June 15 where your parents and career are concerned and may involve bosses or the signs Aquarius and Capricorn. Short-term love affairs are also shown at this time and may take place at work or through friends.

Libra -- Cosmic conditions have improved now that your planetary ruler, Venus, has moved harmoniously into the airy sign of Aquarius. Your natural intellectual abilities are stimulated as you search to expand your horizons through foreign travel, spiritual enlightenment and higher forms of education. Temporary love affairs and unexpected situations may occur at work around June 12 and could involve the sign Aquarius and Capricorn. Also, use caution against injuring your hands, arms, lungs and lower leg at this time. The signs Gemini and Virgo may apply.

Scorpio -- Celestial vibrations continue to improve this week when lucky Jupiter takes another step closer to your planetary ruler, Pluto. You've made changes in the way you make money and now it's finally going to pay off. Financial expansion, travel, increases in spirituality, higher forms of education, career advancement and general good luck are all forecasted. Energy levels skyrocket when your co-ruler, Mars, come into the picture close to June 15 bringing added ambition, higher libidos and a drive to succeed. However, use caution against angry episodes, cuts and burns if you were born close to November 21. Benefits from foreigners and the signs Sagittarius and Pisces are also shown.

Sagittarius -- You still aren't seeing things very clearly while your planetary rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, remain in a quarrel. Cosmic vibrations are influencing you to turn away from the harsh realities of life. Alcohol and drug abuse, excessive sleeping, isolation and watching too much television are all manifestations. Psychic sensitivities and artistic talents are greatly heightened, so be creative and don't ignore what your gut reactions are telling you. This is not the best time to sign contracts or to make major decisions as you could easily deceive yourself. Situations involving water, gas, oil and the sign Pisces could be problematic.

Capricorn -- A new life has begun now that your planetary ruler, Saturn, has moved into the sign of Cancer and your 7th house. Emotions and intuition are deepening as you concentrate on botany, nursing, cooking and home-based businesses. Older people, bosses and lovers from the past could resurface, but friendships and intimate relationships will be tested at this time. Associations that lack depth may be taken away, but quality relationships will get even better. Friends and the sign Aquarius could seriously help with your financial situation at this time, so turn to them for help and advice. Romance is shown for June 15, especially with the sign Leo.

Aquarius -- It's time to take a step back to see where you are and remember where you came from. Your planetary rulers, Uranus and Saturn, are moving into a harmonious alignment, giving you the chance to secure you're new life into permanency, especially where your job is concerned. Your boss, father, older men and the sign Capricorn could really help you get ahead in the game at this time. But heath issues may also surface that need to be dealt with regarding your teeth, bones, knees and nails. Expensive dates, broken plans and problems with children are shown around June 15. The signs Virgo and Gemini could be involved.

Pisces -- Although cosmic circumstances are improving, your planetary rulers, Neptune and Jupiter, remain in opposition for yet another week. You can only see the big picture while overlooking the details. You may find yourself continuing to do too many things at once without finishing anything. Increased time spent alone is indicated along with challenging situations involving universities, long-distance travel and places of worship. Good fortune is also in your forecast, but blessings may be taken for granted or overlooked. Difficulties with foreigners and the sign Pisces are also implied.

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