The Irrelevant Congress

Here's a question for you: Where's congress? Remember them -- our lawmakers, policy deliberators, budget writers? Did they fall down a rabbit hole?

According to the Constitution, congress is supposed to be a central part of any war-making that our country gets involved in. This is because the founders rightly feared that presidents, like kings, would be inclined to reach for a sword and rush America into unnecessary wars, so the founders felt that it was important to put a check on this autocratic power. Hence, congress is the only branch of our governement authorized to declare a war, plus congress controls the purse strings, which provides another check on presidential war whim.

So... where's congress? Have you heard a peep from these so-called "people's representatives" on the crucial matter of George W's Iraq attack? Well, in all fairness, I guess I should give the Republican leaders credit for standing up on one war issue -- Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio is in charge of administrative matters in the house, and, By Gollies, this giant of a statesman stepped forward on behalf of the brave leadership to declare war -- on French fries! The GOP boldly struck the name "French" from any item on the congressional cafeteria menu (oops! "menu" is a French word -- wonder how our stalwart freedom fighters let that one slip by them?).

This farce just shows how irrelevant congress has made itself. It refused to do its Constitutional duty to declare (or not declare) war -- instead, meekly handing this life-and-death decision to the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld Axis of Autocracy. As for budetary "control," the White House simply made up a number for the cost of invading Iraq, and the only question that congress asked is: "Cash, check, or credit card?"

Congress is so pitiful that one Democratic leader said with a pout, "Congress is not irrelevant. We are briefed daily." If you have to say you're not irrelevant... you are.


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