Astromat #36 Week of February 13-19

Horoscopes for February 13-19

Aries -- You're going to experience power surges like you've never felt before. Your planetary rulers, Mars and Pluto, will align exactly on February 16 and 17, giving you the desire to make things happen. Obsessive qualities could take over and increased sexual levels may be quite frustrating or even drive you mad. This is an opportune time for major changes and personal empowerment in your life. If used negatively, these influences will result in trying to change others. Expect challenges while traveling, heavy responsibilities in school and at work after February 19, especially involving your boss, teacher, father and the signs Capricorn and Aquarius.

Taurus -- Harmonious vibrations have been restored for your sign. Your planetary ruler, Venus, has moved into the sign of Capricorn, increasing your practicality and career ambition. On the job training, work requiring travel and universities that a parent once attended are featured, along with a struggle between your faith and what is considered to be reality. Love situations could transpire at the workplace and on long trips, especially with foreigners, past lovers and older partners. News about your job or concerning a parent is shown around February 16, particularly involving younger people, siblings and the signs Virgo and Gemini.

Gemini -- A harmonious balance will be restored for your sign when Mercury moves into the sign of Aquarius on February 14. Philosophical thinking processes and a desire to expand your mind is shown though traveling, exploring different cultures and by spiritual disciplines. Communications with distant friends, religious writings, foreign languages and sudden trips are likely this week, along with unexpected news concerning in-laws, college applications and dream vacations. Love vibrations and financial enhancements are indicated around February 16, especially involving the signs Taurus and Libra.

Cancer -- You are reaching your peak, as the Moon moves through her own sign at the end of this week. Staying at home to enjoy cooking and other domestic duties might be your best avenue. Cosmic situations are vastly more interesting over the weekend, when the Moon becomes full in Leo on February 16. Anything could happen at this time, but impulsive spending for recreation and romantic pursuits is specifically shown. Signs point to being back on schedule and with high stress levels and heavy workloads by February18. The signs Capricorn and Scorpio may be problematic.

Leo -- The Sun is moving through the sign of Aquarius and through your 7th house for the last week. Attention to love relationships and business partnerships will continue, but may have an unexpected twist. Sudden romantic situations and financial opportunities could occur close to the full Moon on February 16, but may fade away just as quickly. Committed relationships will have more excitement and spontaneity at this time. If you've just broken up with your significant other, a new love is on the way, especially around February 18. A friend may become a lover. The signs Aquarius and Capricorn could play a part.

Virgo -- You will be entering unfamiliar territory when your planetary ruler, Mercury, moves into Aquarius on February 14. Your daily routine may be unexpectedly interrupted, so prepare to make minor adjustments. Temporary jobs, strange co-workers and unusual circumstances surrounding the workplace are possible. An increased interest in diet and health issues is likely, along with new cloths and second hand giveaways from friends. Romantic vibrations and financial enhancements are forecasted around February 16, especially involving colleagues and the signs Taurus and Libra. Benefits from women are also shown.

Libra -- Cosmic influences are out of balance this week. Your planetary ruler, Venus, has moves into the sign of Capricorn, inflicting challenges regarding your career and domestic situation. Heavy responsibilities at home, work or involving a parent are likely, but try not to take good situations for granted on February 15. Romantic enhancements are forecasted in your own neighborhood and may be found during your daily routine on February 16, especially with younger partners and the signs Gemini or Virgo. Good communication in existing relationships and beneficial speculative decisions are also shown at this time.

Scorpio -- This is an exciting and powerful week for you, Scorpio. Your planetary rulers, Pluto and Mars, come together exactly on February 16, giving you to willpower to make things happen almost like magic, but not without hard work and some opposition. Positive visualization can be a valuable tool at this time. High energy levels and incredible sex drives are indicated, but could become dangerous without a positive outlet. Avoid getting angry over money matters and don't overspend. Problems with authority figures, fathers and the signs Capricorn and Aquarius are also indicated, but an Aries may be able to help.

Sagittarius -- Your natural vitality has been temporarily stunted. You may try to avoid your everyday responsibilities and replace them with television, drugs, alcohol and excessive sleeping. Challenging energies from Neptune increase your spiritual sensitivity, making you in some ways more psychic, but certainly more vulnerable to deception. You will need more time alone than usual to regroup. Look for transportation problems regarding oil or water, and don't let yourself run out of gas. This is the perfect time for artistic and secret activities due to these creative influences, especially involving music, acting, photography and dance. A Pisces could play role.

Capricorn -- It may feel like the world is against you while your planetary ruler, Saturn, is confronted with indisputable demands from piercing Pluto. Inner changes will be difficult, but will empower you when external blockages seem to keep you down. These inner changes eventually externalize, as you begin to attract more positive circumstances in your life. You often create many of your own difficulties, so now is the time to painfully pinpoint what these might be. Although romance and leisure activities are shown for February 18, subconscious fears could lead to angry outbursts causing accidents after February 19. The signs Aries and Scorpio could be involved.

Aquarius -- Embrace the new things in your life. Your planetary ruler, Uranus, will be in your sign for only about 21 days, so use sudden intuitions and spontaneous impulses while they are still available. Romantic enhancements will heat things up approaching the full Moon on February 16 for those with significant others. Single people should look for love connections with the sign Leo during creative and leisure activities, around sporting events and surrounding situations involving children. These positive vibrations will be doubled by February 18, especially involving relationships from childhood.

Pisces -- You are a dreamer at heart. The current cosmic situation with your planetary rulers, Neptune and Jupiter, out of harmony with each other could make these dreams temporarily unrealistic or unattainable. Maybe you're spreading yourself thin, or trying to do too many things that you could never finish successfully. Pick one target for now. Laziness and lack of direction are possible, along with general overindulgence in food and drink. Difficulties with long trips, universities, foreign places and people are also shown. Good fortune may come through isolation, humanitarian service, spirituality and artistic activities. The sign Sagittarius may apply.

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