Resolution Opposing First Strike

Adopted January 7, 2003 by Western Connecticut Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Whereas, a preemptive war violates international law and sets a dangerous precedent for other nations as well as our own, and

Whereas, this war will pose enormous costs on American workers, taking money from needed programs, and

Whereas, tens of thousands of innocents could die as well as our own working-class soldiers, and

Whereas, this could destabilize the entire Middle East, making the world less secure

Therefore, the Sisters and Brothers of the Western Connecticut Central Labor Council oppose a first strike war on Iraq. We believe the United Nations weapons inspections are the correct and most effective approach to ensure a peaceful solution and

Further, we urge our Congress, the President and our Locals and Affiliated bodies to concur and act on our resolution.

Resolution by The Greater Hartford Labor Council, AFL-CIO January 8, 2003

Whereas, President George Bush has shown through words and deeds that he is preparing the United States for a unilateral and pre-emptive war against Iraq; and

Whereas, the Bush administration is carrying out unprecedented attacks against American workers and their unions, including interfering with the right to organize and increasing surveillance and harassment of those who oppose administration policies; and

Whereas, a ballooning military budget of $338 billion plus an estimated $200 billion to be used for war against Iraq, coupled with tax breaks for the rich, will mean cuts in funding for important national needs; and

Whereas, AFL-CIO President John Sweeney reminded Congress in October, 2002 that a war against Iraq will mean that the sons and daughters of America's working families will bear the costs of military decisions; therefore be it

RESOLVED that the Greater Hartford Labor Council, AFL-CIO urges the AFL-CIO Executive Council and our Connecticut congressional representatives to

  • Call on our government to work with the United Nations to develop an international diplomatic solution to security issues regarding Iraq, and

  • Call on the Bush administration to cease all attacks on unions and immigrant workers under the guise of national security, and

  • Demand that Congress oppose social service cuts, and instead to increase funding for job creation, healthcare, education, and other essential human needs, and

  • Encourage all international, state, and local labor organizations to promote broad discussions on these issues among members and within the labor movement.

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