Astromat #34

Aries -- Beneficial influences continue to increase as your planetary ruler, Mars, moves deeper into the lucky sign of Sagittarius. Travel, foreign themes, situations involving universities and general good fortune can be expected. Social and romantic opportunities with younger partners and the signs Taurus and Libra are shown for February 1 at work or in your neighborhood. Secret journeys, isolation, enhanced spirituality, working behind the scenes with music, film, dance or for humanitarian reasons involving hospitals or the water supply are all featured around February 3. Expect situations to get even better after February 4. Good things are on the way! The signs Pisces and Sagittarius may apply.

Taurus -- Cosmic influences have recently become difficult because of overwhelming responsibilities dictated by Saturn onto your planetary ruler Venus. A not so active sex life hasn't helped much either. These negative energies will continue to dissipate as the weekend approaches. Unexpected happenings are indicated around February 2 involving friends from work, parental figures and the signs Aquarius or Capricorn. Sudden inheritance, job promotion, short-term projects and temporary love affairs are also shown. Younger people and the signs Virgo, Gemini and Aries could play a part.

Gemini -- Cosmic vibrations have dramatically improved for your sign, but a struggle between your old and new life is also shown. Although your planetary ruler is moving through your 8th house of transformation, changing may become difficult due to Mercury's orbit through regressive Capricorn. Career transition, parental money and strong sexual desires that are hard for you to express are indicated, along with tax issues and psychic connections with your parents. Discipline, structure and planning will go over very well in this battle of stagnation and renewal. Love and sexual opportunities are possible at work, with older partners or past romances around February 2. The signs Libra, Taurus, Aries and Capricorn may be involved.

Cancer -- As this week comes to an end, communication concerning business affairs and loved ones will be at their best, especially on January 30 with a Gemini or Virgo. Cosmic conditions have recently made it difficult to maintain any New Year's resolutions, but the new Moon in your 8th house on February 1 allows you another try at rebirth and with much better success. Sudden secret transformations, undercover sexual relationships and generally unexpected events may occur February 2 involving friends or the sign Aquarius. Difficulties are shown for February 4 including power struggles, complex emotions, problems with your boss or the signs Scorpio and Capricorn. Flexibility is your best defense.

Leo -- Love relationships and business partnerships are featured now that the Sun is moving through your 7th house. A secret romance with the sign Pisces is shown around January 31, along with undercover business activities and possible situations dealing with a hidden enemy. Artistic collaborations involving music, film and dance is also indicated at this time. Look for psychic connections with lovers, increased memory of dreams and time at home alone on February 2. Problems with travel, foreign people, universities and the sign Sagittarius are possible for February 3. Don't take the ones you love the most for granted.

Virgo -- Stagnation ceases as your planetary ruler, Mercury, moves harmoniously through your fellow earth sign, Capricorn. A Love affair could transpire at work with someone older, or a partner from the past may resurface around February 2, especially the signs Taurus, Libra and Capricorn. Career speculation concerning sports, creativity and entertainment is also shown, along with heavy responsibilities involving children and romances. Those born within a day of September 14 will have many obstacles and difficult changes to face, but these challenges are temporary and may bear fruit.

Libra -- The recent displeasure and bad news you've been experiencing at work and with transportation is ending as your planetary ruler, Venus, glides through Sagittarius and away from difficulty. Unexpected but positive occurrences are indicated as it gets closer to February 2 including sudden romances with the signs Aquarius and Capricorn, quick speculative decisions and unusual circumstances surrounding children and recreational activities. A friend could become a lover. The signs Virgo, Gemini and Scorpio could play role. Planes, trains, electricity and electrical things are highlighted.

Scorpio -- Your sign is experiencing a cosmic blockage. Your planetary ruler, Pluto, is receiving negative energies from Saturn, keeping your newly found positivity to a minimum. Heavy financial burdens are shown involving school tuition, automobile repairs and overly expensive trips. Issues from the past may haunt you at this time, along with career stagnation, heavy responsibilities, and having to work extra hard for the same salary. Difficulties with your teeth, skin, bones, boss or father is also shown. Friends and the signs Capricorn and Aquarius could play a role.

Sagittarius -- You're finding it increasingly difficult to face reality as your planetary ruler, Jupiter, experiences escapist vibrations from dreamy Neptune. Unrealistic expectations, overindulgence in drugs or alcohol, sleeping too much and becoming a TV watching couch potato are all a possibility. Although your creative and psychic levels have been elevated, it would be easy for you to neglect important duties at this time. Romantic partners, the sign Leo and children in you daily life could become problematic around January 31. Expect higher energy levels, travel and benefits from Aries or Scorpio approaching February 5. Look for car problem involving gas, water and oil. The sign Pisces may apply.

Capricorn -- The pressure is on and your greatest challenge is change, especially where your health and the workplace are concerned. Your planetary ruler, Saturn, is receiving some fairly difficult vibrations from Pluto. It's time to let some negative habits go, but your earthy nature craves security by keeping things the same. Even if your life is filled with misery, it's may be what you know and is therefore safer territory. If you can visualize better things for yourself and learn to live beyond your daily routine, these planetary influences could change your life for the better. It's ultimately your choice. Problems with the signs Scorpio and Aries are also indicated.

Aquarius -- You're in better shape than you think. The inner changes that were brought on by Pluto's intensity are surfacing externally allowing you possibilities that were impossible before. Positive influences from Venus could bring financial benefits, social activities and love affairs around February 2, especially involving beauty, homes, kitchens, the arts and the signs Cancer, Taurus or Libra. If your meet someone new at this time, there's a good chance it will be lasting and maybe even idealistic. Circumstances concerning old friends, your career, solid love affairs and parental figures are favored. The sign Capricorn could play role.

Pisces -- Although your planetary ruler, Neptune, is receiving beneficial vibrations from Jupiter, situations may not be as great as they seem. Cosmic conditions point to general overindulgence, lack of appreciation and trying to do too many things at once. Caring for children, working behind the scenes with music, dance, film or athletics and secret romances are all possible around January 31, especially involving the sign Leo. Higher energy levels and increased career drive is shown for February 2 and 3. An Aries or Scorpio could help you get ahead, but use caution where your temper is concerned or everybody will know about it. Parents and the signs Cancer and Sagittarius may apply. Travel may be necessary.


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