Astromat #29

Horoscopes for December 26-January 1, 2002.

Aries- Desires have intensified with your ruling planet, Venus, moving through libidinous Scorpio. Sexual and emotional levels may be overwhelming as you feel things more deeply. Increases in energy levels give strength to go for what you want, but laziness and lack of direction could keep you from accomplishing anything before December 30.We know you're good at getting started, but with too many directions, you may end up with a bunch of incomplete work. If you can learn to follow through, good things will come to you, maybe even a lucky break! Use caution against overindulgence in alcohol or you may wake up beside a stranger. Foreigners and the signs Sagittarius or Pisces may be involved.

Taurus- Your ruling planet, Venus, continues through the intuitive sign of Scorpio, bringing intense emotional desires, higher sexual levels and increased willpower. Although your energy levels have been cosmically stimulated, you may not know what to do with what you've got. Using all of your power to help others could make you feel empowered temporarily, but might leave you empty-handed. Small internal shifts could make room for a better path. Renewal in love relationships and business partnerships are also possible. The signs Libra, Aries or Scorpio may be involved.

Gemini- Your planetary ruler, Mercury, is currently moving through Capricorn, giving you a more grounded worldly attitude. Career changes, dietary restrictions and loss of sexual interest are in this week's forecast. Added practicality and fantastic organizational abilities are the positives, but strenuous workloads and overly serious mindsets could make you ill. High stress and heavy responsibilities are shown around December 29, possibly involving a parent, your boss, your partner's finances or the signs Capricorn or Aquarius. A small change will have a snowball effect.

Cancer- You know you're a homebody, or at least you'll be transformed into one by December 27. Your place has never looked so good. Parental issues, focus on loved ones, domestic and residential themes are indicated, along with sudden spiritual realization and learning from your dreams. By December 29, your ruler will move into sexual Scorpio, increasing your libido and desire for romance. Sporting events, creativity, intuitive speculation and psychic links with children and romantic partners is forecasted at this time. Unexpected blockages are shown for early next week, but your optimism will get you through it. Aquarius, Capricorn and Scorpio involved.

Leo- As the Sun moves through the sign of Capricorn, your childlike ways will be stunted by serious grownup stuff. Career issues, heavy workloads, responsibilities involving pets and health concerns regarding the teeth, bones, skin, heart and back are in your forecast, especially around December 29. Although heavy demands are being made, good standing with authority figures is shown. A friend from work could help you accomplish your hopes and dreams. A parent or the signs Capricorn and Aquarius could play a part. Don't let the harsh realities of life restrict your creative spirit.

Virgo- Cosmic vibrations are in harmony with your sign this week, as your planetary ruler, Mercury, moves through the sign of Capricorn. Your natural practicality and organizational skills are being enhanced, making this the perfect time to get important things done. Heavy responsibilities involving love affairs, children, creative and recreational activities are indicated. The resurfacing of past relationships, solidification of a current love, romances with older partners or the signs Capricorn and Aquarius are seen around December 29. Lack of romance is also possible. Don't be hard hearted.

Libra- As your planetary ruler, Venus, moves through sultry Scorpio, your suave intellectual grace will be interrupted by intense emotions and sexual desires. Cosmic circumstances influence a personal reevaluation of what's really important to you in your life. Active changes in the way you derive an income are indicated and could involve the signs Aries or Scorpio. Psychic connections with a parent are shown for December 29, along with situations involving cooking, kitchens, homes and nurses. Too much has been coming out of you bank account, so don't spend anymore money!

Scorpio- If you've neglected to take advantage of a good situation, you'd better act fast. Your planetary ruler, Pluto, will continue to receive benefits from lucky Jupiter for only a short time. Making more money, career changes and spiritual expansion are in your forecast, along with circumstances involving people of different nationalities and far away places. You may find yourself back in school in order to increase your income. Difficulties with trips and places of worship, laziness, lack of direction and trying to do too many things at one time are shown for December 29. Intense emotions and psychic links are also indicated.

Sagittarius- Energies from Mars and Pluto surround your planetary ruler, Jupiter, bringing difficult but necessary changes. Higher learning, foreign travel, spiritual evolution and the signs Scorpio or Pisces may help to instigate these changes, especially if you were born on December 10. Although your energy levels have been elevated, it may be hard to focus on your goals due to subconscious angers and preoccupations with sex. Trouble with universities, long trips and places of worship are shown around December 29, along with possible problems with the sign Aries. Don't work against yourself.

Capricorn- You must look back to past actions in order to better your future. Your planetary ruler, Saturn, continues to receive beneficial vibrations from Uranus, bringing multiple forms of income, short-term projects and sudden job changes. Friends may play a part in helping you find employment or may somehow be financially beneficial, especially the sign Aquarius. Communications concerning romance, children and artistic pursuits are seen in a positive light for December 29. A Leo, Gemini or Virgo could be of help. Don't let old habits hold you stagnate for the New Year!

Aquarius- Get it while you can. Your planetary rulers, Uranus and Saturn, are in perfect harmony for just a while longer, so take advantage of opportunities presented involving your career, past lovers, a parent or the sign Capricorn. Prepare for some intense feelings around December 29, including anger, frustration and serious sexual desire. Problems with the signs Aries and Scorpio are possible, but practical speculations, older romantic partners and children that bring added responsibilities are also shown. Make a change for the new year.

Pisces- Your ruling planet, Neptune, is hiding away in the 12th house, so you're not very willing to show all that is going on inside. The truth is, subtle changes are happening just below the surface that are not yet matured and ready to emerge. Safety zones will provide difficult growth. You may experience anger and frustrations around December 29 due to fears associated with career changes, parental loss, issues regarding spiritual faith and unavoidable personal changes. A balance between work and escape is needed. Difficulties with universities, long trips and the signs Aries and Scorpio are also shown.

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