W Goes To War

I don't know whether to scream or laugh when George W gets up on his little war pony and starts screeching that "we've" got to go to war in Iraq.

What do you mean "we," white boy? Bush has always been a warmonger, not a warrior. In the Vietnam days, for example, George was all for the war -- but, alas, he was not able to go personally to Vietnam. You see, he had college deferments and was way too busy being a campus cheerleader at Yale to do any actual fighting. Then, after graduate school, when he suddenly felt the draft blowing on his neck, a well-connected oilman who was a Bush family neighbor intervened politically with top Texas officials to make sure that the Bush boy would spend the war here on the home front, diligently defending Houston from the Viet Cong.

Other present-day wild-eyed warmongers in Washington also evaded their personal opportunity to be real warriors in that Vietnam period. Such "leaders" as Dick Cheney, John Ashcroft, Trent Lott, and Tom DeLay -- who are now howling so ferociously for war from the comfort of their offices, 6000 miles from the Iraqi front -- denied themselves the pleasure of engaging in hostilities when it was their turn to go. They sat here at home ostentatiously saluting the flag, while other Americans took their places on the battlefields.

Likewise, none of the offspring of the Bushes or of the other warmongering Washington politicos and pundits will be among the soldiers sent to Iraq. We have a volunteer military, and you won't see their sons, daughters, and other family members volunteering. Instead, the troops will be made up of low-income, working-class youngsters, especially people of color -- folks who have the most doubts and the least say about whether we go to a war that will kill thousands of them.

I say we don't go to war until we see the Bush daughters and the sons and daughters of the lobbyists, CEOs, and other elites packing arms and putting themselves in harm's way. If this war is justifiable and essential, all of America should go.


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