Astromat #18

Aries- Although many obstacles have recently been cleared, your combative energies could get you into trouble this week at the workplace, especially with authority figures and the signs Capricorn and Aquarius. Blockages, endings and very little chance of promotion are all forecasted around October 15, or maybe these energies will manifest as heavier workloads than normal. I know you've been frustrated and may temporarily feel like you've lost your direction. Don't let these temporary energies effect your health negatively, specifically digestion problems. It could be hard for you to see your way out of a daily routine, and you may have problems with taking in new information or ideas. Keep your reputation in mind.

Taurus- Situations are at a standstill for you, as your planetary ruler, Venus, maintains the same degree of Scorpio for the entire week. You could become very preoccupied about something, especially relationships, business matters, shared finances and, of coarse, sex. Let's face it together; you're horny. Signs point to overspending and delayed good fortune. Something needs to change to your relationships, and could be you rather than them. Turn your focus inward and get in touch with your spiritual side. Be cautious of overindulgence. You don't want to put yourself in a sticky situation during this vulnerable time. Psychic sensitivities in close relationships are also seen. Sagittarius or Pisces involved.

Gemini- Hang in there. I know this week has already been tough, especially if you were born close to June 21. Problems with parental and authority figures are shown around October 10, or maybe bad decisions and heavy responsibilities will occupy this time. Planetary influences will be improving by the night of October 11, when your ruler, Mercury, finally moves into a more harmonious position. Over the weekend your focus will turn to love relationships, beautification and creative pursuits, and knowing you, possibly some type of writing or talent using your hands. It will become easier for you to express yourself generally. Love affairs and recreational activities are seen with younger people, in your neighborhood and with the signs Virgo, Aries or Scorpio. Children could also apply.

Cancer- Planetary vibrations have been difficult, but if you try to maintain a positive outlook until the end of this week, situations will go smoother. Your biggest challenge will be on October 11, when there will be signs of blockages in relationships, possible depression, overwork and problems regarding the stomach, bones or skin. Emotional conditions will greatly improve over the weekend, as you find more time to spend with that special someone or catch up with artistic endeavors. Your best day for love and romance is October 12, especially with Taurus or Libra. Prepare for the unexpected on Monday morning. Friends, machinery or the sign Aquarius could play a part.

Leo- As your ruler, the Sun, moves through the sign of Libra, love affairs and one-on-one communications will be highlighted. Romantic themes may become part of your daily life and could possibly inspire creative pursuits. This is a very spiritual time for your sign, so be aware not to go against your own personal values regarding sexual morality. A Taurus or Libra could very well tempt you. If you were born within a day of August 6, good fortune, travel and places of worship will be featured, possibly involving Sagittarius or Pisces. Don't overpay for real estate or domestic goods.

Virgo- This week is going to be a challenge, especially approaching October 11, but you will have enough energy to handle anything. DO NOT make a bad career decision around this time. Signs point to difficulties regarding overwork or career stagnation, possibly involving your boss, parental figures or the sign Capricorn. These situations are only temporary. By October 12, planetary conditions drastically improve, highlighting close relationships, personal values and income sources. Your instincts may draw you toward financial decisions, but wait another week before you act. Let go of unresolved anger or it could effect your health.

Libra- You're stuck in the sexy role. Your planetary ruler, Venus, is loitering in the suggestive sign of Scorpio. Your intuition is strong as you move using only your instincts. It would be easy for you to obsess over sex, lovers and financial situations at this time. As opportunities are shown for you involving other people's money, this is the time to apply for grants and scholarships. Inheritance is another possibility that would help you change your daily life, although, transformation of income and daily routine is likely anyway. The signs Scorpio, Cancer and Aries could play part.

Scorpio- Planetary conditions just keep getting better for you, so be ready to take advantage of a good opportunity, especially regarding foreign places and higher learning. Venus has dropped by for a lengthy and intimate visit with your sign, bringing added charm, good looks, love and financial opportunities, particularly if you were born within a day of November 8. Your resources are expanding as you command power over your personal or combined incomes. Increases in salary, scholarships and other fortunate monies are seen as well. The signs Taurus, Libra and Sagittarius could be involved.

Sagittarius- And you thought you had already been through drastic changes. Perhaps you have, but there are so many more to come. These positive planetary effects will be almost effortless. Your sexual side will be enhanced to put it mildly, especially involving plentiful love affairs with Scorpio and Aries. Core changes are taking place, as religious beliefs are transformed, expanded or deepened. Intuitions are strong at this time so if in doubt, trust your instinct. Scholarships, grants or inheritance could be just within your grasp.

Capricorn- Some of the chaos has died down, but the storm isn't over for you yet. Bad decisions concerning your career, general miscommunication, stagnation in the workplace or lack of work is indicated around October 11. Problems may arise from schools, neighborhoods, siblings and the signs Virgo or Gemini. The weekend could provide some relief, but as Monday morning approaches, you could feel increasingly frustrated. Working against yourself by getting angry is likely, so don't throw a fit that you will regret, or accidentally hurt yourself in the process. An Aries or Scorpio could be involved.

Aquarius- Your sign continues to have added access to power sources and personal transformation. Your planetary ruler, Uranus, beckons you to internalize your power this week. Focusing inward will bear fruit with greater ease. However, if you try to control your exterior circumstances you could be met with anger and opposition, especially at the workplace with the signs Aries or Scorpio on October 11 and 15. Sexual desires are becoming increasingly swollen, but can be used alternatively for the evolution of your greatest hopes and dreams, but even those may be experiencing alterations.

Pisces- When it comes to recently attempted changes, you've taken the long way around. But planetary forces are shifting as your secondary ruler, Jupiter, makes contact with transformational Pluto. These vibrations are providing a gateway for you, making any new changes increasingly effortless. Career advancement and possibilities of an inheritance are also shown. Good health and healing is part of your health forecast, and remember that sex can be a spiritual experience and very good exercise simultaneously. The signs Scorpio and Aries could apply.


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