The Chickenhawk Database

If you're a Bush, there's nothing like an Iraq attack to deflect your political problems.

George the First was widely considered a doofus with no popular appeal until he decided to go after Saddam Hussein in 1990, causing his poll numbers to soar. He didn't get Saddam, and his war to protect the Kuwaiti oil monarchy ultimately didn't save him from being defeated by Bill Clinton, whose campaign theme was, "It's the economy, stupid."

Now a decade later, George the Second is in deep doo doo, facing skyrocketing deficits, rising unemployment, sinking stock prices, a stinking corporate scandal, more probes into his own business dealings, probes into Cheney's business dealings, and ... well, "Hey, gang, look over there - it's that old nasty Saddam Hussein, let's go get him!"

The problem with Bush's chest-thumping bellicosity is that lots of ordinary Americans and Iraqis will pay the ultimate price for his political adventure. Perhaps if our commander-in-chief had ever faced bullets himself, he would not be so quick to howl for war. But George W. avoided the Vietnam war, thanks to family friends who pulled strings.

This puts him at the top of a list of "Chickenhawks" compiled by the New Hampshire Gazette. The Gazette's "Chickenhawk Database" is made up of prominent figures who are big warmongers now but avoided actual war when they had the chance. Dick Cheney, John Ashcroft, and Karl Rove - three Bushites pushing hard for an Iraq attack - are on the Chickenhawk list. So are such Congressional warmongers as Trent Lott, Phil Gramm, and Tom DeLay, as are some of the more bellicose media personalities, including Rush Limbaugh, George Will, Bill O'Reilly, Geraldo Rivera, and Tony Snow.

This is Jim Hightower saying ... Another interesting fact about these Chickenhawks is that none of their own family members will have to go to the front lines of the war they're so loudly promoting. To see the Chickenhawk Database for yourself, go to

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