Monsanto Invades Mexico

If we are what we eat, Mexico is corn. More than the primary staple of the people's diet, corn is held in near religious reverence as a cultural symbol that connects Mexicans to their proud, pre-colonial past, as well as to the land itself. As one Mexican ecologist puts it: "The people are corn, and the corn is the people."

But now the corn is contaminated, thanks to the avarice and arrogance of Monsanto corporation. This biotechnology giant is the world's leader in marketing a poorly tested and ecologically dangerous corn seed that the company has genetically manipulated to contain its own pesticide.

From the start, independent scientists warned that once Monsanto unleashed these genetically altered corn plants, they could not be contained -- once loose, they would spread their pollen far and wide, contaminating neighboring fields of non-altered corn and spreading out of control.

As the Mexican people are learning the hard way, the scientists were right. Even though Mexico does not allow any gentically tampered corn seed to be used there, it appears that pollen flow across the border has already contaminated native varieties of corn in Mexico's interior. In the state of Oaxaca alone, tests confirm that Monsanto's FrankenCorn has cropped up in the fields of 15 farming communities. This genetic pollution comes only six years after the world's first planting of altered corn in the USA -- a spread that has gone much farther and much quicker than anyone imagined.

This region of Mexico is the center of genetic diversity for the world's corn crop. If that diversity is lost because Monsanto's lab creation crowds out the native varieties, then the health and survival of all corn is endangered. If also means that no field, not even a field of organic corn, is safe from Monsanto's intentional pollution of our food supply.

This is Jim Hightower saying ... To help stop this madness, contact The Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods: 425-771-4049.


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