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The Pornography of Semiotics (

Starting at 6AM on June 21st Michael Daddino subjected himself to 24 hours of continuous viewing of MTV. From videos, karaoke, Real World episodes, screaming teenagers, wrestling and Mandy Moore, all that and so much more. Throughout his experiment Daddino kept a very funny and lively diary which remains available online. We discover, for example, that "Watching people eat peaches on MTV makes my body shiver." And "Is there any channel that shows more shows about itself than MTV? MTV is televisual narcissicism central."

Starchaser (

If rocket engineer Steve Bennett has his way, he'll be one of the first private astronauts to go into space with his own rocket. While some are calling his dream "suicidal," Bennett says that he and two passengers could be on the launch pad within two years. His company has entered the prestigious X-prize competition in the hopes of winning the $10 million prize for being the first private individual or company to reach space, but detractors are already begging him not to launch.

Greater North Dakota Association (

What's in name? In North Dakota you could say a name might be worth a few thousand dollars. Every now and again the fine folks in North Dakota grow tired of the northern part of their name and toy with the idea of dropping it all together. Muttering can once again be heard that perhaps by changing its name to Dakota, the state might not only change its image, but reap economic rewards as well. Stranger things have certainly happened.

Google Image Search (

With the new Google Image Search engine, you can search more than 150 million images on the Web. That's a lot of images. It works exactly the same as the regular Google search. Simply type in the name of the item you are looking for and the results page will display up to 20 thumbnails. The site includes an adult content filter that can be turned on or off. While visiting, be sure to check out the Google FAQ for information on the many other Google features, such as telephone, map, pdf and other search options.

Retrospective on the 1968 Democratic Convention (

The whole world really was watching when the Democratic party met in Chicago in 1968. It was a tumultuous time. Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy had recently been assassinated and the undeclared war in Vietnam was dividing the country in more ways than anyone had thought. Of those present to witness the calamity, this site features many first-hand accounts, including Terry Southern, John Sack and a photographer who was arrested while composing a cover shot for Esquire magazine.

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