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Error messages on the Web are a dime a dozen, but here's an error message that's actually funny. In fact it is a series of error messages, one leading to the next, all fabricated and very entertaining. Although it is clear early on, moving from one to the next, that you're being set up, you trudge on. And the promise to send you somewhere significant notwithstanding, you have that sinking feeling that you will eventually end up right back where you started, but that's okay. Why not just sit back and enjoy the journey.

Dennis Tito, Space Tourist

They cannot call him an astronaut, because of course he is not one. He is a US businessman who, like many ordinary people, has had a lifelong desire to fly in space. But Tito, unlike most of us, had the money to realize his dream, paying the Russians some $12 to $20 million for the ticket to ride into space. Tito's job, according to a review at, is to stay out of the way and enjoy the view.


So how do you market a book about corporate culture without becoming a part of the corporate mindset? And what of a related Website? Should it be used to increase sales of the book, or should it be used to further "the cause," in this case those citizens who live on the outskirts of the corporate elite? Author Naomi Klein has taken the high road, creating a site that will not only speak out on behalf of those who have no voice in LogoLand, but will also give them a place to address issues that might not find an avenue elsewhere.

Carry On

"A captain must understand his men so I'm going to use a psychological approach. I don't claim to be a Jung man..." "So long as your Jung at heart, Sir." Those lines are taken from the most unlikely of places. The Carry On movies were one of Britain's oddest exports, a series of films that believed that nothing in life was funnier than the double entree. Started in the 50s, they stuck to the pattern for many years, despite the changing times. The films seemed dated then, and seem only more so now. But in reflection there is also something quite refreshing in this refusal to change with the times. And besides, in the right hands, there really is nothing quite as funny as a double entree.

Jerry Garcia

He may not have been the most misunderstood musician in America, but he was pretty high up on some lists. Garcia was the lead guitarist and songwriter for The Grateful Dead and while there is no hope of ever convincing anti-Dead fans that he was one of the finest musicians to emerge from America, fans of the master will certainly enjoy this, the official Garcia site. Highlights include a video clip (from an upcoming documentary entitled "'Grateful Dawg" ) of Garcia and Eric Thompson from the early bluegrass days, new and older CDs, interviews and limited edition art prints.

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