HIGHTOWER: The Dr.Strangelove of the Drug War


George W-the guy who claims to be President Compassionate, the guy who concedes of himself that he "may or may not have committed" drug crimes of "youthful indiscretion" well into his thirties-now is pushing a drug policy of squinty-eyed intolerance, inflexibility, meanness...and proven stupidity.

To put the hammer to the policy, President Nasty has chosen John P. Walters to be his Drug Czar.  Walters is a hard-line, shoot-'em-down, throw-'em-in-jail-and-throw-away-the-key drug hawk who doesn't want to hear any wimpy talk about people's constitutional rights or the need for drug treatment programs.  Indeed, in senate testimony, Walter snarled that drug rehab is "the latest manifestation of the liberal's commitment to a 'therapeutic state'."

W's new Czar is a right-wing ideologue who's made a career as a professional drug-war hustler, always talking tough at the expense of the sick and impoverished he so gleefully exploits for his own advancement.  Walters is the Dr. Strangelove of our country's absurd drug war-he dismisses anyone who says our nation's prisons are too full, he favors longer jail sentences for marijuana users, he has declared that there's too much "treatment capacity" in the US, he opposes efforts to address the racial discrepancies in drug enforcement, he wants more militarization of the drug war at home and abroad, he'd like to see an expansion of our government's war in Colombia, and he's been a noisy opponent of state initiatives to allow the medical use of marijuana.

Ironically, Walters was a deputy drug czar in Daddy Bush's administration, where he was in charge of reducing the supply of narcotics flowing into our country.  Remember what a fine success that was?

This is Jim Hightower saying...Failure and irony, however, bounce right off of Bush and Walters, who will continue stumbling down the same costly, ineffectual drug-war path, blinded by ideology and political opportunism, operating on the perverse principle that if brute force isn't working, let's just use more of it.

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