NetNomad 65


The Nonsensicon is an on-line dictionary/encyclopedia of words that don't exist or at the very least whose existence is in doubt. Some of the words are just plain nutty, but the majority of them could actually be real words. Amsomnia is listed as a noun denoting what happens when you can't sleep but don't know it, or when you couldn't sleep but don't remember it; if you are Fulf you would find yourself so full you feel like you can't eat another bite; and Stanky is (of course!) the past-tense of stinky.

Break the Chain

If you've had enough of junk email you'll find some valuable information on how to control the pesky emails that ask us to not only deal with some problem or other, but forward the email to everyone we know. Part of the problem is learning how to actually identify chains, and there is a special section on that subject here. There is also a list of current chain letters, including the 800 Area Code Scam, Amy Bruce's Wish, Harry Potter Promotes Satanism? and many more.

Nightmare Project

The authors of the Nightmare Project are busy compiling details on dreams submitted by readers. Why? They believe the nightmare, the "bad dream," is the distant scream of the deepest, most hidden recesses of the human psyche. And besides, they add, there is another, less academic reason for focusing on nightmares: they are creepy! If you enjoy the creepy side of sleep, you'll find plenty of tales to keep you up at night!

We tend to take the drink for granted these days (if we think about it at all) but we learn here that there are over 500 brands of root beers! There are just as many Websites dealing with the drink, in fact, and many of them are listed here. You'll find links to the Yellow Froth pages, The Sassafras Journal, recipes from The Root-Beer Gourmet and much more.

I Hate Crazy Cabbie

Crazy Cabbie (who's real name is Lee Mroszak) is listed here as being "a demented, crack-addicted loser who is a regular guest on our favorite radio program, the Howard Stern Show." Cabbie works at the same station as Stern who, "to everyone's dismay, befriended Cabbie because he found his story compelling." Poor Cabbie. If you feel, as the author does, that Cabbie "truly epitomizes the worst of the human spirit" you too can make your feelings known here.

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