NetNomad 51

The Useless Pages (

John Gephart IV's page certainly lives up to its name. Which is not a bad thing. But, man, some of the pages listed here really are supremely useless. It takes a real knack to find stuff this trivial. The most useless of all the day we visited was a collection of pages of would-be models. Just regular folk these, from Belarus or there abouts. To be fair, most are indeed amateurs, and destined to remain forever so.

26 Songs from Finnegans Wake (

We always suspected there was some use for James Joyce's novel "Finnegans Wake." And here it is. Sort of. The idea here is that you can make up songs based on the text of the abstract novel. "You must generate a table of random numbers of four decimal places. When constructing songs, begin with the first random number on your list, then proceed down the list without skipping a number." Oh yes. Of course. Furthermore, "Song 1 always begins at 3.1, that is, the first line of the first page of Book 1." Right. "If the number generated exceeds 0.213, then loop back. Thus, 0.223 gives you page 10 of Book I, which equates to text page 13." Oh dear. The party of the first part and the party of the second part. And don't forget the Sanity Clause* Almost as confusing as the book itself.

Periscope (

Periscope began life in 1997 as snippets of J.W. St. John-Ryan's "socio-political commentary emailed to a dozen or so of my close friends." He now has over 1000 weekly subscribers to his weekly ramblings about life, politics and everything in between. "Never married, no children," the author has a "propensity for German cars, tomboys, spicy food, straight espresso, and any beer I can't read the coaster through" and remains convinced "that the majority of Americans in the 21st Century will continue to have their decisions made for them by marketing execs at places like GAP, MTV, and Abercrombie and Fitch." And he is not very pleased. Not very pleased at all.

Icepick: A Wired House (

The Icepick is a wired house located in The Netherlands. And we do mean wired. Everything is connected in some way. You can use this Web page to find out how many times the toilet has been flushed, when the last time the microwave was opened, what song is being played on the CD player and much more. And of course one of the main reasons Alex & Karen set up this site, let alone the house itself, is to allow Web users to control various functions without in the house. The day were we there many of the Webcams and other toys seemed to be working very well, but it was the holiday and the site was likely very busy.

The Year in Pictures (

Say what you will about the politics of Time Magazine, the publication certainly does excel when it comes to its photography. The annual Year in Review is no exception. It may have seemed to be a rather hum-drum year, but in reflecting on their collection of photos, quite the opposite seems to be the case. Of course it begins with the year-old jag about how the new millennium has only just started, but it moves on rather graciously from there.


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