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Florida Chads (

It might be too late for Christmas, but here's a little keepsake that just about any fun-loving politico might enjoy. A bag of Florida chads. That's right, step right up, ladies and gentlemen, for your opportunity to buy a bag 'o' chads. Not a big bag, mind you. Just a handful, but what a handful it is. "We're mailing the chads worldwide and expect sales to remain strong beyond Christmas" says one rep from the company selling the chads, hanging, dimpled and otherwise.

Best of 2000 (

This time last year many people were wondering if there would be a best-of for the next year, but life did and does go on. There will be plenty of Best of 2000 lists in the next couple of weeks, but this Entertainment Weekly list is very good indeed. You'll find the best (and worst) in video, music, books, tv, movies and Internet. Of course you might not always agree with their picks or pans, but unlike many such lists, there is seldom malice in their choices. (〈=EN)

In the beginning, if you sent out an email you were could pretty much guarantee that it would arrive safely at its destination. If it did not, sooner or later it would bounce back to you. Now people are in the habit of ignoring emails, especially if you require an action of some sort. iTraceYou allows users to send an email, whereby "the sender is notified when the addressee opens and reads the message, thus, eliminating any doubts regarding the e-mail delivery." Great if you've sent someone an invoice and they want to pretend they never received it.

Rob Loves Going Barefoot (

See Rob walk. See Rob walk without any shoes on. Or socks. "Anytime, any place, that I can go barefoot I take full advantage of it." Rob has a friend who always wears shoes and, quite frankly, he does not understand his friend. Rob has found that "when your feet get really dirty a thin crust builds and shows the world you barefoot." Good for Rob. Not so good for some of us.

People Watcher (

We're not sure who the people-watcher in question is, but his site features a series of rants on various timely topics. At the moment it is the impending so-called recession, the holiday season and how to suck up to the powers that be. His "ongoing observation of human behavior with commentary, opinions, and personal disclosure" are quite entertaining, even though he is often speaking about events and people we, the readers, will never know. A full archive is also available.

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