NetNomad 47

Ironic Times

Ironic Times is set up like the front page of a newspaper, featuring simply headlines and a line or two of text. All the text is made up, of course, and it is very funny indeed. Our favorites include: HOLIDAY SHOPPING ABRUPTLY HALTED IN MIAMI-DADE COUNTY: No chance of finishing by Dec. 25th deadline, shoppers say. SAMMY SOSA TRADED TO ENGLAND: Cub slugger exchanged for two Cricket players to be named later. And our favorite: BUSH: "I WILL NEVER HAVE MANDATE:" Not interested in dating men, he says.

The Compost

Speaking of irony, how ironic is it that, in the face of dotcom failures, new sites continue to spring up that not only hope to document the demise of Websites, but hope to make money while doing so. Such is the world as we know it. The Compost, subtitled: The Death of Dot Com is the latest entry and features news, real and imagined, on sites that are on the verge of becoming virtually virtual. They keep track of the latest layoffs, financial news and more.

Today in Demented History

The artwork at this site looks like a dog's breakfast, but if you can roll up your window and plug your nose you'll find some very interesting tidbits. The title sums it up, although we've rarely if ever seen such an eclectic list of events listed at any one site. We checked out December 1st and discovered that it was: the first anniversary of the death of Don "Sugarcane" Harris, the birthday of Dick Shawn and Richard "Ricky" Keith (aka Little Ricky), the day in 1945 when Burl Ives made his concert debut and the day in 1950 when "Frosty The Snowman" by Gene Autry entered the Top 40 chart.

Virtual Boxon

Today we tend to take "erotica" for granted, but there was a time, not so very long ago at all, when pictures of nude humans were decidedly difficult to come by. This collection features photos taken from 1890 to 1900, and while we do not recommend a visit by those who might be shocked by such things, it is certainly worth a gander for anyone interested in marking the changes that have occurred within our society since then. The photos, while explicit, remain strangely asexual for some reason. Perhaps that is what they wanted way back when.

Rickie Lee Jones

We've mentioned this site before, but thought it worth noting that RLJ has made some rather dramatic additions of late. For some time now she has been selling MP3 files of her own songs, most of which are available for under a dollar. Now she has added a live double-CD set recorded in September 2000 entitled "Live in Portland." Now this is the future of the Internet for musicians. Not only can she sell the CD exclusively through her Website within a couple months of being recorded, but she can sell a double-CD for just over the price of one and she retains all of the profits. For so-called "fringe" artists who cannot or do not want to find a home on the major labels, this must be a dream come true.

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