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You could say that the New York Times Abuzz site is all about people helping people. They call it is a "knowledge network that uses email and the Web to connect you to people, information and points of view that are relevant to you." Sounds hokey as all get out, but it is a great site where people actually can -- and do -- ask and answer questions posted by other readers. And it's also filled with discussions on films and music and a great section entitled Commentary, where readers can post their own reviews or commentaries.

Jesus Had Short Hair

We must confess that we always thought this was the case. Sure it considered hip to portray Jesus with long hair, but we always wondered if he was simply imitating The Beatles. Of course we're just kidding. At any rate, the author of this religious diatribe has searched the Bible for proof that, contrary to the picture postcards you've seen, Jesus actually had short hair. Chapter and verse as it were. No mention of just how short his hair might have been. A brush-cut perhaps? It is certainly entertaining, although we're not quite sure why the author embarked on this mission to begin with!

Sorry folks. has nothing to do with the Apollo space mission. Or even Gemini or Spacelab. It is of course the other moon. You know you are in trouble from the get go. "Click on my ass to enter" it says. Inside you'll find a lot of pictures of mostly public bums. There are a few "naughty" pictures, but most are simple pranks conceived by people who, for reasons unknown to us, wish to expose their butts in public.

Gustav Klimt

They say that from around 1900 until his death in 1918, artist Gustav Klimt "dominated the art scene in the capital of the empire of Austro-Hungary. Some of Klimt's paintings were called "pornography" and he was also accused of "excessive perversion" and although his paintings were tame by today's standards, his critics were certainly correct in attributing a sense of eroticism to his work; which is not to say that is a bad thing. It is simply that Klimt did not hide his love of womanhood. The site, with it's stately musical background and glowing colors, is an absolute wonder to behold, presenting dozens of Klimt's paintings, along with a detailed biography of the artist's life.

Dum Dums

As this three-man outfit started out life an esteemed UK music magazine noted that "the Dum Dum epidemic is spreading through Britain faster than the flu." Given the band's penchant for catchy guitar-driven pop tunes, we in North America should probably think about getting our flu shots. "It Goes Without Saying" features a host of infectious tunes that shine on "The Kind of Day I've Had" and the UK hit "Everything." The official site is a first class effort, featuring everything you need to know about the band. And you'll also need to know to click on the "D" in the right hand corner in order to bring up the menu!

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