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Surf Like a Hero

Okay, boys and girls. Time to put away the mouse for a moment and discuss that most nasty of subjects, Cyberethics. Never heard of such a thing? Shame on you. Obviously you're spending too much time lounging in the chat rooms. Surf Like a Hero is presented by a group called The Cyber Citizen Partnership, created in order to teach "kids" to be responsible cybercitizens, since, as we are all aware, "children armed with computers can be dangerous and cause serious damages and harm, regardless of whether they are trying to be mischievous or intentionally commit cybercrimes." The site includes the Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics which can be used to help reinforce acceptable online behavior. Now you know.

Cheap Beer Server

The WWW is littered with sites that tell you everything you ever wanted to know about imported beers, but what about the homegrown variety? Author Thomas Insel (sounds like the name of a beer) has put together what he says might (just might) be the beginning of a coffee-table book devoted to "inexpensive American beers." "All beers available in refillable deposit bottles are automatically eligible" for inclusion (of course) so you'll find Busch, Miller, Coors, Pabst and Strohs. Each brand contains a brief overview of the various company brands, links to official sites and a great collection of tidbits (did you know for example that "for quite some time, Coors insisted that their unpasteurized product be kept continuously chilled, and would not ship past the Mississippi.")

In Focus: A Photojournalist's Journey Through Kidney Failure

Here's one that will likely fall into the "not everyone's cup of tea" category. When photojournalist John Martin found out he was one of 3 million people nationwide suffering from kidney failure, he decided to document the journey, from the initial diagnosis, through dialysis, the transplant and finally recovery. "I tell stories through pictures as a living. This was an excellent opportunity to turn the camera around," John says. "I hope that through this site, I can demystify dialysis and the kidney transplant process for patients and their families." He does indeed.

Yeah Yeah Yeah Lyrics

Thou will be known both by the company you keep and the lyrics you collect. In which case we can say without a doubt that we know demski266 very well indeed. The author in question has collected a rather remarkable collection of lyrics from the 50s through to the naughts. Most have of been collected from other Web pages or scanned from music books, but what you notice right off is the scope of the lyrics (said to include 5000). The selection will impress even the most jaundiced of pop fans. It begins with sample songs from A Flock of Seagulls, Bobby Darin, Glen Campbell, Kate Bush and Tom Waits and plenty more. Sometimes the songs are listed by the artist who sang the song rather than by the author who wrote it, but otherwise a wonderful collection.

The Beautiful South

Formed in the wake of the much-loved The Housemartins, the UK's The Beautiful South have released 23 singles culled from seven albums, three of which have scored a number one ranking in the UK. Their latest, "Painting it Red" will hit these shores soon and while it does differ from the UK version, it remains a remarkably intelligent collection of what has been called "part northern showband, part Stax soul revue." And besides, how many CDs invoke the names Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Keats and Yeats! The official site is a color-coded tribute to the CD, featuring the latest news, full discography, links to other TBS sites and a very funny biographical section, asking questions of each member such as Q: Favorite Sexual Position A: Sitting up in bed with a cup of tea.

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