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Tired of the same old news? Or perhaps you haven't watched an actual newscast since Gary Hart let you down? Well, here's a newscast that would make poor old Gary -- and Bill for that matter -- feel right at home. At NakedNews you get the latest headlines -- so you can impress the co-workers with your grasp of current events -- as well as sports, weather and entertainment, all delivered with what might be called a twist. The newsreader is in fact naked. And if you think Peter Jennings has tough time keeping his facts and figures straight while reading from a teleprompter, think how difficult it would be if you were disrobing at the same time! NakedNews serves two other useful purposes: It offers a variation on the "I only read Playboy for the articles" ruse, while also answering that age-old question: Where to you put a clip-on microphone if there's nothing to clip it onto!

Bad Fads Museum

The author of this site is quick to point out that the BAD in Bad Fad has a dual meaning, both bad as in horrible and the 70s version, indicating something that is good. It is up to the viewer to decide whether the items found in the various sections, including fashions, collectibles, activities and events are to be cherished or ridiculed. And of course many are very much worthy of our derision. Such as the glassless glasses from the summer of 1965 that soon spawned the short-lived granny glasses look. Other items include Nehru Jackets, dance marathons, streaking, 8-track tape players, hula-hoops and much more. Great fun.

American Masters

Since its premiere in 1986, the PBS program American Masters has provided one of the few outlets to "produce comprehensive film biographies about the broad cast of characters who comprise our cultural history" chronicling the "evolution in the working methods and lives of our most significant and influential writers, musicians, visual and performing artists, and filmmakers." The current season has presented Clint Eastwood and Norman Mailer, with George Cukor, Lucille Ball, Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Curtis to follow. The Website is typical for PBS, in that it contains an absolute wealth of information, including biographies, video and audio clips and much more.

Spoon River Anthology

When Edgar Lee Masters wrote his epic collection of poems entitled "Spoon River Anthology" in 1914, no one -- least of all the author himself -- expected that the work would become a turning point in American literature. That is in fact what happened to the collection of 244 poems, each based on characters living in the fictitious town of Spoon River. Singer/songwriter Richard Buckner has recently put 18 of these poems to music on his new CD "The Hill" and the result is an absolutely chilling effort, perfectly capturing the mood of the poems. Since many of those tunes are instrumental, fans can use this online version of the book to become acquainted with the rest of the townspeople. It is well-worth a visit.

Radiohead: Follow me Around

"You're living in a fantasy world/ this beautiful world" And what a world it is. With the release of "Kid A" Radiohead continues its rather extraordinary musical and intellectual progression. How easy it would have been for the band to bring out Hokey Dokey Computer! Fans of the band, and they are the most ardent in the world, have long known everything there was to know about the new release, simply by visiting the wonderful "Follow me Around" site. Fans old and new will find release notes, all the latest news and gossip (usually right on the money!) lyrics, tabs, every Radiohead image imaginable, videos and more.

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