Discovering Your Inner Witch

Do you notice when there's a full moon? Do you believe that men and women are equal? Do you treat others with repect and promote good vibes? Do you hug trees regularly?

You may be a witch and not even know it! It doesn't mean you have to start dressing in cloaks, joust in the park or name your cat after some Celtic goddess. If fact, many core beliefs that define Wiccan spirituality are shared by progressive youth. In the Halloween spirit of things occult and arcane, here's a brief introduction to the Wiccan spirituality.

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The primary rule for practicing Wiccans is this: as long as it doesn't harm anyone (including yourself), you are free to do what you want. They call it the Wiccan Rede and quote it in Old English, "An it harm none, do as thou wilt." This belief extends beyond just people into the natural world. As the Wiccan Teen section of says, "They [Wiccans] are deeply concerned about the environment....They feel that humans should live in cooperation with other species and the universe."

Many people turn to Wicca after becoming dissatisfied with Judeo-Christian institutions. They see it as an alternative to the instutionalized hypocrisy and hate-mongering vocalized by the Christian Right, for example. publishes editorials from young Wiccans around the world, giving these youth a voice and space to talk about their concerns. Nightfire writes, "I do believe being Pagan has helped my compassion grow."

Wiccans often face bigotry and stereotyping by people who think they are Satan worshipers and they know the pain it brings. Angel writes at, "I never really intended to come out of the broom closet..." for fear of what people would think. As a result of their persecution in schools, by families, etc., they are more sensitive and welcoming of differences in gender and sexual orientation. Feminists are attracted to Wicca because, according to, "a common principle in many Wiccan traditions is the equality between the sexes."

Another attractive quality of Wicca is the importance it places on personal growth. It's about discovering your self and your spirituality. You can create your own rituals and practice on your own or in a coven.

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