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Girl's Guide to Elvis Presley (

Perhaps it stands to reason that while many of us have spent years dwelling on Elvis' back catalogue, some people have been remembering such things as his hairstyle, clothing and his sex life. Of course many of those "some people" have been women and it seems that many of them have been thinking about such things almost from the outset. So now we all know. And thanks to this site, the rest of us know much more than we probably ever wanted to know. On women in general, a friend says of Elvis: "He didn't like them too big. He liked them very petite and feminine." Elvis also hated big feet, and following a 70s fling Cybill Shepherd was to claim that Elvis allegedly refused to explore the nether region of his conquests, telling her that white men did not do such things.

Hurlyburly Production Notes (

It sounds so simple, this notion of adapting a play to film. Simply turn on the camera and recite the dialogue! Well, not quite. In preparing to film "Hurlyburly," director Anthony Drazan and playwright David Rabe spent two years discussing the humor and themes of the play and its characters, looking for a way to "tell the story cinematically without ever letting it get bogged down." The film managed to retain the "blah blah blah" dialogue while the camerawork was at times so close to the subjects that they actually could have been filming the stage version of the play (watch for the scene in the car where they buy oranges). This site provides an enticing and detailed overview on all the entire process, a sort of insider's guide to a wonderful work of art.

Images of Wisconsin (

In the end we all want to think that our lives counted for something. Mr. Carl Guell, retired Chief of Wisconsin's Bureau of Aviation Education and Safety, took over 1000 35mm slide of Wisconsin during flights made from 1951 to 1979. Many of those photos are now online and they provide a rather remarkable snapshot --so to speak-- of Carl's pride and joy, the state of Wisconsin. This site fulfills his wish that the photos should be made available for educational and research purposes. The photos range from Deltaic Complex in Plainville to construction of Milwaukee County Zoo in 1960, both taken from an altitude of 2,500 feet.

Cajun Radio and Zydeco Radio (

Website surely don't come any plainer than this one, but if you are a fan of Cajun or Zydeco music, or want to begin an exploration of the music, you won't find a much better site. Clarence, "a proud Cajun who hosted a Cajun radio program as a hobby for over eight years" has compiled a rather remarkable list of radio and Internet stations that play the music. The lists are divided by Internet stations (24/7, Monday-Friday and weekend) AM and FM stations, plus a nice list of festivals, newsletters, bands and more.

Sarah Harmer (

Not since Mary Margaret O'Hara's debut have we heard a solo effort that so captured an artist's artistic imagination. Sarah Harmer is leader of the band Weeping Tile, but nothing we have thus far heard from that group could have prepared us for "You Were Here." Originally released as an indie CD, Harmer has produced what she calls "stories with hooks. Love of love. Pain and fear. Dark shadows cast over boundless faith. Belief and gratitude. Little stories." Well, they are stories, after all, but hardly little ones. Slices of life are never small, in the end. Her official Website is sparse but it does contain a few audio clips, tour information and an occasional diary.

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