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Ace Alibi Agency (

So you got caught with you hand in someone else's cookie jar? Zigged when you should have zipped? In other words, dear one, do you find yourself in need of a solid alibi? Plan ahead next time. With Ace Alibi you may play as you wish and the folks at Ace Alibi will provide you with a "professionally tailor-made alibi" should you ever need one. For example, let's say that on the night in question you tell your loved on that you are attending a business event that evening. Ace Alibi will provide you with a special phone number, so that should someone try to call you at the "convention," one of their people will answer the call in the appropriate manner, such as Joe's Trade Fair or whatever. The receptionist will then call you and await further instructions. It ain't free, but sometimes you have to pay for peace of mind.

CyberSex Gone Awry (

Here's an interesting problem: What if you are about to engage in some cybersex only to discover, half-way through, that your "partner" is a fumbling and mumbling dolt? Just like real life. That is the premise of this encounter between Sweetheart and Wellhung. Mr. Hung is 6'3" and about 250lbs and has the IQ of a six-month-old gerbil. He tries his best to rise to the occasion, but he fails quite miserably. Just like he might in real life. Sweetheart finally gives up and signs off. Poor Mr. Hung. This transcript has allegedly been pulled from a real chat area, but even if it is complete fiction it is still very funny. (

Need a helping hand making sense of the mass known as the Internet? SiteSherpa has been created to act as a "smart, web-savvy friend sitting next to you while you surf the web." Needless to say they have their fingers on the pulse of what is new, strange, odd or just plain interesting. The site will eventually serve as a mate to the SiteSherpa Travel Companion, software that will be released in the fall. In the meantime, this preview offers shorts reviews to a number of sites (many sent in by fellow readers) as well as "revealing dialogues with people who make the web work." (

Flashpoints, The Hard Hitting Investigative News Magazine lives up to its name. Flashpoints' commentaries originally air on KPFA 94.1fm in Berkeley, California, KFCF in Fresno, California and now here on the Internet via RealPlayer. Recent topics have included Maj. Doug Rokke discussing depleted uranium, "A Look a Dick Cheney's Big Lies about the War Against Iraq, Iran-Contra and his Relationship with Big Oil" and "A Leading South African Environmentalist Speaks Out about Toxic Devastation and Environmental Justice in his Homeland." Also click on Flashpoints Radio link for past radio broadcasts and Article Archives for some great print features.

Get Carter (

It does not take very much imagination to predict how fans of the original version of the film Get Carter will react to news that the 1971 "cult film" is being remade with -- wait for it -- Sylvester Stallone. Unfazed by the news, The Get Carter Appreciation Society held a tour of Gateshead this past July, re-enacting many of the scenes from the film. It has been 30 years since Michael Caine first portrayed Jack Carter, the punk gangster who put Newcastle on the map for all the wrong reasons. The film was -- and remains -- one of the best British films from the era, and that is really saying something. This original Get Carter site features many wonderful tidbits, including reviews of the film, photographs, a list of nitpicks and much more. Do yourself a favor and see the video before Stallone's version comes out.

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