NetNomad 28

Furniture Porn

The sign on the door tells you everything you need to know: Enter. . . unless you're a big pansy. We enter just the same, not sure what to expect, but thinking it might be something quite titilating. We read the warning on the next page. We agree to many things, including being "a computer nerd over the legal adult lawful age of consent" as well as swearing to "hold blameless the godless creators of this morally reprehensible garbage." Enough already. Give us the goods! Oh baby. This really is hardcore furniture porn. Did you see the way that lounge chair was looking at us. Get your own chair, pal. This one's got my name written all over it . . .

Natural Resources Defense Council

The NRDS site is a remarkable resource for anyone interested in environmental issues. At the heart is the activism center which enables users to contact state and congressional representatives, track environmental legislation, find tips on living "greener" and take vital actions directly from their desktops. Activists can also sign up for action alerts and read the latest headlines on everything from clean air and energy to whales and marine mammals. Another highlights include the magazine The Amicus Journal, completely reproduced in full color.

Written By

Written By is the official publication of the WGAw -- the Writers Guild of America, West -- and is the premier magazine written by and for TV and film writers, providing "a unique look into the art, craft and business of writing in Hollywood." The site features a generous selection of articles from each month's print publication; the June/ July issue includes From Stage to (Small) Screen by Larry Buhl ("To be (making a living) or not to be" is the theme) and The Bard of Broadcasting written by Larry Gelbart. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you'll also find a link (Selections from Previous Issues) to a few dozen past articles, including Writing Is Easy! by Steve Martin and an interview with Matt Damon.

Buena Vista Social Club

It seems the love affair with all things having to do with Buena Vista Social Club is not yet over. With the recent showing on PBS of the film version it looks like things are about to heat up once again. This PBS site is quite wonderful companion to both the film and the CD, with interviews and biographies with Ry Cooder and Wim Wenders, audio and video clips and an extensive overview of the music of Cuba. There's an interactive map of Cuba that can be used to explore different Cuban rhythms across the island, a special link for up-to-date information on clubs and tours, and a photo gallery featuring original Havana photography by Wim and Donata Wenders.


They are legends in their homeland (UK) but barely fill a concert hall in North America. A show in Swansea one year sold 50,000 tickets in a few days. Stuart Cable (drums), Kelly Jones (vocals, guitars) and Richard Jones (bass) hail from Wales and have known each other since infancy and now play a straight-ahead and uncommonly intelligent form of rock and roll. Their official site now includes a tour diary and a long-promised Stereocam, to be set up while they record their new album, is on the way.

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