NetNomad 25 (

Now that many's are's no more, it was only a matter of time before someone got the idea to document life in the former and soon-to-be-former fast lanes. At the heart of the site is a game based on "the classic deadpool." In this case the death in question relates to companies. Pick your and place your bet. has also become pretty much the source for in-house gossip about the inner workings of your favorite's. You think you have it bad? Well, maybe you do, but there's probably someone down the street just a little bit worse off. All you can hope is that the memo about your company's demise reaches your desk before it reaches this site.

Emma Thompson Made Me Tea (

No, really, she did. Kelly Romanski's mother had been surfing the net and came across information about a new movie being filmed in and around County Fife. The movie being shot featured Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman. As you might have guessed, Kelly and a pal set out to hang out with cast and crew Emma and Alan and did in fact eventually meet both and Emma did in fact offer Kelly tea. Emma, she assures us here, was very nice and quite-down-to-earth.

Bob Haozous (

When artist Bob Haozous was commissioned to create a work for the University of Mexico, he eventually delivered Cultural Crossroads, a 29' by 20' by 2' metal work depicting the confrontation between indigenous and contemporary culture. The left side features the indigenous culture, while the right depicts high-rise buildings, a cowboy statue, a dollar sign and more. In the middle, two traffic jams collide, with a string of concertina wire stretched along the top. The wire, some claimed, was never part of the original plans and when Haozous refused to have it removed, a legal battle ensued. That work, and many others, are shown here, as are details on his shows which have included one-man exhibits in Frankfurt, Germany and Dartmouth College. Haozous was also the central character and main creative consultant for a major film project produced by the Norwegian Public Broadcasting Company.

AFI's 100 Years& 100 Laughs (

Following its successful (if somewhat controversial) Top 100 Films, The American Film Institute (AFI) follows with the "first major salute to the films and film artists that have made audiences laugh throughout the century." The 100 funniest American films were chosen by "leaders of the entertainment community" from a list of 500 nominated movies. The results, as one might expect, are mixed. "Some Like it Hot" scored top honors, with "Tootsie" in second place. You might join us in wondering if those two were in fact the funniest, but how many people would own up to agreeing with the Top Two on the Public List: "Porky's" and "Dumb & Dumber!"

The Tragically Hip (

"Intimate, inaccurate, a family in a way/ made the trip to Vulnerable and back on the same day..." Singer and lyricist Gordon Downie's lyrics are about as cryptic as his stage show is animated. His live performances often see him engaging in what could only be called a stream of unconsciousness as he interjects a wildly diverse collection of lyrical snippets into this own songs. There are few things in life as compelling as a show from The Hip, with the fans singing along so loudly that sometimes it honestly threatens to drown out the band's playing. They can sell out a stadium in their homeland (Canada) in a few minutes and are so popular that if the government were to announce the creation of statutory Hip Holiday no one would blink an eye. Their latest, Music@Work carries on that long tradition. And oh, they fully realize the potential of the Internet, as this official site attests.

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