Why Women Call Men Sluts

Attention all brethren who have been created in the divine likeness of God which is Adam! Gone are the days when men conquered women in the bedroom and were designated heroes. Now they're just sluts.I remember my English teacher telling me that the women's lib movement was about women being on the same level as men, but I never thought that women would someday judge us by the same standard to which we held them. But even before Li'l Kim and Li'l Caesar spelled it out in "Crush on You" ("He's a ho, he's a slut, he's a freak/ Got a different girl every day of the week") young women were taking it upon themselves to call men "hoes" or "sluts," whereas amongst ourselves we remain "players" and "pimps."If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then what makes a man a slut in a woman's eyes?"'Cause he play on a girl," begins 16-year-old Suzy from Hayward. "'Cause he use a girl. 'Cause he say, 'Hit it and quit it.'"RT, 17, of San Francisco, adds that a slut is someone who "has sex with females just to have sex with them. Men call females hoes when they have sex. Then they have sex with anything that walks and they consider themselves pimps, but they're hoes! Unpaid hoes!"RT explains that among men, there are two types of ho. One has sex for money and objects, and the other just does it for pleasure. "The one that does it for objects is worse," she explains, "because he usually has to play mind games to get stuff."Getting more specific, RT tells me about a young man named "Scooter.""He meets a girl on the bus at twelve," she confides. "And if he gets her number and convinces her to come to his home, he'll have sex, regardless of how she looks. She could be buck-toothed. He's a ho and he knows he's a ho."Suzy tells me about a guy named Rick, who loves to play with girls' time. He comes across to his victims as someone who has nothing to do so he likes to kick it. When his prey agrees he'll set up a time and place. Then one of two things happens: He doesn't show up, or he calls and cancels at the last minute. Either way, the girl is likely to believe he's with someone else. These days, even a guy who is nothing more than a flake might be taken for a ho.Lately I've even been catching myself and my male friends calling each other hoes. A married friend of mine thinks of me and those like me -- happily single and dating -- as hoes. His motto is, if you can't stay committed to one person, why leave a trail?Showing off his body to get superficial attention is another way for a guy to get the "ho" label. When my friends and I go shopping, we often look at the new lines of men's clothing in disgust. The latest thing is "body shirts" so tight and small they could easily be mistaken for women's gear. Although these shirts are highly popular on the club scene, you're not likely to catch me wearing them. The male mannequins who sport this stuff have more breasts than women, and so we totally call it "ho gear."The rules of the game are changing, and those who are noticing it will be the key players. Those who don't keep their eyes open may find out a little too late.Even though women's numbers are growing in college and the work force, they are too often still seen as toys to play with on the social scene. I don't think women want to be the dominant ones in the relationship; they just want to be treated with respect and seen as equal human beings.So fellas, next time you hear Li'l Kim and Li'l Caesar laying it on the line, just smile -- and check yourselves.

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