What *Are* the Ghost Riders in the Sky Doing?

Over the past year, people all across America have been casting their eyes skywards and noticing mysterious contrail patterns left by jet aircraft. Although there are still a lot of unanswered questions about this phenomenon, evidence indicates that these planes are spraying something and spraying it on us. Oh sure, you say, another hare-brained conspiracy theory about the government performing unconscionable acts of biological assault on the American population. Maybe. Maybe not.Normal condensation trails, called contrails, are long white streams trailing from a jet aircraft's wing-tips and tail. They're generated at altitudes high enough for water droplets to freeze in a matter of seconds. Normal contrails dissipate soon after a jet passes over the sky. The mysterious "chemtrails," on the other hand, form behind several large, eerily silent jet aircraft in a variety of patterns. The fat white streams do not dissipate, but rather merge into grid-like cloud-bands that broaden, overlap and gradually cover the sky in a light overcast, even if the sky was previously crystal-clear. Witnesses have reported seeing 50 to 60 planes flying at a time.The strange patterns have been witnessed over towns in Tennessee, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Nevada, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma, Washington State and California. They have also been seen in England, Amsterdam, Australia, Italy, New Zealand and Mexico.What's Up?Speculations among various conspiracists abound on the origin and intent of these baffling patterns in the sky. Suggested explanations include a mass "filtering" of the population; weather modification experiments; biological warfare tests; detection and decontamination of chemical and biological agents, especially anthrax; illegal fuel dumping by military jets; and illicit spraying of the carcinogenic pesticide ethylene dibromide (EDB).Tommy Farmer, a former engineering technician with Raytheon Missile Systems, has been tracking the chemtrails for over a year. He has "positively identified" two of the aircraft most often involved in the aerial spraying incidents -- the Boeing KC-135 and Boeing KC-10, commonly used by the U.S. Air Force for air-to-air refueling. The Boeing T-43, used for navigation training and mapping, may also be involved.Confirming reports from eye-witnesses across the U.S., Farmer reports that all aircraft are painted either solid white or solid black with the exception of two KC-135s which were in training colors of orange and white. No identifying markings are visible.Unexplained IllnessesThe chemtrails story was brought to light earlier this year by Will Thomas, author of such chemical warfare books as "Bringing the War Home," "Scorched Earth," and "Eco War."Since January, 1999, Thomas has been posting contrail updates on his web site, http://www.islandnet.com/~wilco. The first described how Washington state resident William Wallace became ill with severe diarrhea and fatigue after watching several jets lay cloud lines in a grid pattern across the sky. A neighbor working outside came down with similar symptoms. But their wives, who remained indoors, suffered no ill effects from the inexplicable maneuvers which observers likened to high-altitude "crop-dusting" by unidentified multi-engine aircraft.Wallace had been watching the jets weave grid-like contrails above his home since the summer of 1998. Each time, he and his wife got a "strange taste" in their mouth, he reported on Thomas' web site. The couple got "kind of tired and sick," and had "no energy to do anything."After plants began dying around his remote mountain cabin, Wallace suffered a severe illness for about three weeks. "My eyes watered. Fluid came out of my nose. I could hardly move my arm up above my head to comb my hair for about a week." His wife, Ann, has since been diagnosed with Epstein-Barr, heart problems, and a low white blood cell count. She remains in terrible pain, almost too weak to move.But the Wallace's experience is just the tip of the iceberg.Biological Attack?Hundreds of people have reported flu-like symptoms similar to the Wallaces after watching the sky trails. Thomas' web site notes a rash of upper respiratory and gastrointestinal ailments in many spray areas, along with debilitating fatigue, severe headaches, short term memory loss and an inability to concentrate.A close reading of "Bringing the War Home," by Will Thomas, and "Biohazard: The Chilling True Story of the Largest Covert Biological Weapons Program in the World," by Ken Alibek, once a scientist in the Soviet Union's biological weapons program, shows that these are classic signs of biological attack. After years of investigation, Thomas is convinced that we are under deliberate biological attack by agents known only to top military and government officials responsible for permitting the continued flights by unmarked spray aircraft.Pat Edgar has been watching the jets spraying over eastern Oklahoma since a sunny day in October, 1997, when as many as 30 contrails gradually blocked out the sky. "They look like they're playing tic-tac-toe up there," he said. "You know darn well it's not passenger planes." Edgar has also watched "cobwebbing stuff coming down" from the zigzagging jets flying "all day long, line after line, back-and-forth, like furrows in a farm field."He added, "There is a lot of Lupus in the area now. A lot of women have come down with it." Coincidence? Maybe. But Thomas claims that outbreaks of once rare diseases -- including Lupus, meningitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Transverse Myelitis, "flesh-eating" Staph Aureus, asthma, Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome and Gulf War Syndrome-mycoplasma infections -- are popping up in clusters around heavily sprayed areas.Aerial GooWhat's more, some witnesses have noticed strange "aerial goo" landing on houses, cars and trees after the chemtrails have appeared. In April, Thomas and American journalist Erminia Cassani obtained laboratory tests of the gel-like substance, tested by a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) licensed facility.The two samples were taken from aluminum-sided structures in separate states nearly a year apart after their respective owners went outside in the wake of low-flying aircraft to find dwellings and outbuildings splattered with the blobs of goo.After obtaining the sample, Cassani became ill with flu-like symptoms and was sick for four days. When a marine biologist at a nearby university started working with the jelly-like material, he too developed upper respiratory symptoms. The woman whose house had been struck also caught the "flu." Two weeks before Christmas, 1998, she suffered a heart attack. What's in the goo? When a university Ph.D. biologist turned his microscope to high power, he found the glass slide teeming with a protozoan life form called Pseudomonas fluorescens, a TNT and fuel-eating bacteria listed in 163 Pentagon patents for bioremediation.Sometimes employed against oil spills, Pseudomonas fluorescens can consume jet fuel as a primary food source. It can also cause upper respiratory illness and serious blood infections in humans.The laboratory staff that reviewed the sample had never seen cell cultures bloom so fast. Cell cultures normally take several days to grow -- these flowered into brilliant colors within 48 hours of being placed in petri dishes.Also found in the goo sample: 1) Streptomyces, a fungus used to make several antibiotics that can cause severe infections in humans; 2) a fluorescent-type of bacteria found in distant coral reefs, which can be used as a "marker" in lab tests; and 3) a "restriction enzyme" used in research laboratories to restrict or cut DNA material for transfer to other organisms.A computer search revealed that Streptomyces and Pseudomonas fluorescens are made by the American Type Tissue Culture Corporation, a Maryland company which made at least 72 shipments of germ warfare cultures to Saddam Hussein's scientists between October, 1984, and October, 1993.Weather Weapon?Some believe that the chemtrails are a military weather modification weapons system, initiated as part of an unclassified joint project of the U.S. Air Force and Navy known as the High Altitude Auroral Research Project (HAARP) based in Gakon, Alaska.In a 1996 U.S. Air Force research study, "Weather as a Force Multiplier," seven U.S. military officers outlined how HAARP and aerial cloud-seeding from tankers could allow U.S. aerospace forces to "own the weather" by the year 2025. Among the desired objectives were "Storm Enhancement," "Storm Modification," and "Induce Drought."According to the Air Force report, "In the United States, weather-modification will likely become a part of national security policy with both domestic and international applications." The report also noted that within 30 years, the Air Force foresees using Weather Force Support Elements with "the necessary sensor and communication capabilities to observe, detect, and act on weather-modification requirements to support U.S. military objectives" by using "airborne cloud generation and seeding" techniques being developed.On its HAARP web site, however, the U.S. Navy says the HAARP facility will not affect the weather. They claim that the frequency ranges used by HAARP are not absorbed in the two levels of atmosphere that produce the earth's weather.Then again, the Air Force's 1996 report notes that other routine weather-modification missions will deploy "cirrus shields" formed by the chemical contrails of high-flying aircraft "to deny enemy visual and infrared surveillance."Hmm ... As I finish this article, outside the window of my office are three high-flying jet aircraft. Through the binoculars, I can see that they are big, multi-engined black jets with puffy white contrails gushing out behind, covering the sky and obliterating the sun. Another jet is headed in the other direction, creating a criss-cross pattern across the skies over my home.What's going on here? Beats me. Whatever it is, it might be a good idea to keep your eyes on the sky and your ear to the ground.

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