The Right's "Censored" Voices

Forceful right-wing advocates enjoy prominent positions in national mainstream media -- as television commentators, radio hosts and syndicated columnists. Many are considered leaders or spokespersons by the conservative movement; many criticize the GOP leadership as insufficiently conservative. They are often heard denouncing "liberal media bias" even as their collective voices overwhelm those of unabashed left-wing commentators.The following are only a few of the more powerful and familiar conservative voices in mainstream media -- a "Top 40" of the right. The problem is not, of course, that right-wing partisans are regularly heard in public debates; conservatives deserve to have regular media representation. The problem is that an equivalent list of prominent national media figures who speak for the progressive movement -- who take on the status quo from the left as passionately as Buchanan and Buckley do from the right -- would be a very short list indeed.A Conservative Top 40Pat Buchanan (TV, P)William Buckley (TV, P)George Will (TV, P)Rush Limbaugh (R)William Safire (P)Robert Novak (TV, P)John Sununu (TV)John McLaughlin (TV)Mona Charen (TV, P)James J. Kilpatrick (P)Linda Chavez (P)Cal Thomas (P)Pat Robertson (TV)Robert Bartley (P)William Kristol (TV)Oliver North (R)Fred Barnes (TV)Tony Snow (TV, P)John Leo (P)Charles Krauthammer (P)G. Gordon Liddy (R)Arianna Huffington (P)Michael Reagan (R)Jeane Kirkpatrick (P)Paul Gigot (TV, P)Mary Matalin (R)Armstrong Williams (R, P)Ken Hamblin (R, P)Ben Wattenberg (TV, P)James Glassman (TV, P)Bob Grant (R)Kate O'Beirne (TV)Lynn Cheney (TV)Walter Williams (P)Thomas Sowell (P)Laura Ingraham (TV)Maggie Gallagher (P)Bay Buchanan (TV, R)Suzanne Fields (P)R. Emmett Tyrrell (P)(TV: national television; R: national radio; P: national mainstream print)

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