Sustainable Humor

The meetingÕs moderator steps up to the mike, but instead of reading off the minutes from the last gathering or outlining the current budget crisis, he begins by saying in an upper-crust British accent: ÒThis is Robin Grinch with another installment of ÔLifestyles of the Frugal and Obscure,Õ where we sneak a peak at people youÕve never heard of living lives of unusual deprivation. Today we meet John, who lives in a small, dare I say very small, one-bedroom house in Seattle.Ó Live from Seattle, itÕs ÒSustainability Night LiveÓ (SNL), the brainchild of the group Sustainable Seattle, which is endeavoring to forever alter the dry, deadly serious tone of some environmental meetings. After all, who could keep a straight face when confronted with ÒAs the Planet Turns,Ó in which Adele confronts Jerry: ÒYouÕre having an affair, arenÕt you? I can tell. YouÕre not yourself. YouÕre distracted. ThatÕs the second time this evening youÕve put mixed paper in the recycling bin. ItÕs her low-flow shower head, isnÕt it? You always were a sucker for water conservation. I bet she even has a toilet dam, doesnÕt she Jerry? IÕm sure youÕve wasted no time inspecting her plumbing.Ó ThereÕs also ÒThe Price is WrongÓ and ÒMr. RogersÕ Sustainable Neighborhood,Ó all brought to you by the Consolidated Corporation, which hawks ÒWetland-In-a-DrumÓ and ÒCrime-Be-GoneÓ spray, Òmade-in-the-USA nuclear waste in a special mix with imported products from the former Soviet Union, all put together in a blend scientifically formulated by the experts at Hanford to guarantee that no criminal can penetrate your peace of mind.Ó ÒMeetings can get really intense. They really need something to shake people up and get them thinking,Ó says Richard Conlin, one of SNLÕs collaborators. ÒWe get a very positive reaction.ÓFor a copy of the SNL script, which includes 10 skits, send $5 to Sustainable Seattle, Metrocenter YMCA, 909 Fourth Ave., Seattle, WA 98104.

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