Sickness and Health

Childhood illnesses such as measles, mumps, and even whooping cough may be of benefit to a child's developing immune system and it may be inadvisable to suppress these illnesses with immunizations and antibiotics, says Dr. Philip Incao, who in his practice of Anthroposophic medicine has for more than 20 years avoided using vaccinations."Generally we try to avoid giving most vaccinations and rely instead on alternative, more natural ways of helping the child cope with what we contend are the necessary and beneficial illnesses of childhood," he writes. "The aim of the treatment is to support the externalizing and discharging of the illness process -- to get it out of the body -- so that no residual illness remains to become a chronic problem later in life."According to Anthroposophic medical beliefs, childhood illnesses are necessary to the development of the two aspects of the immune system. In the humoral immune system, antibodies are produced to recognize and neutralize antigens. In the cell-mediated immune system, white blood cells and specialized immune cells called macrophages eat antigens and also help drive the antigens out of the body, which causes the skin rashes and discharges of pus and mucus from the throat and lungs seen in childhood illness.Physicians who practice Anthroposophic medicine generally believe that having acute but limited inflammatory diseases as a child helps protect one as an adult against more serious, long-term, chronic illnesses. In fact, illness such as tuberculosis and whooping cough may permanently alter a child's immune system such that they confer a lifetime protection against other illness such as asthma, skin disease, immune dysfunctions, degenerative diseases of bone and cartilage, leukemia and brain cancer.While Incao uses the Anthroposophic medicine on inflammatory illnesses such as measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, scarlatina and whooping cough, he does not include polio and tetanus as "beneficial standard childhood illnesses."Instead of using vaccines or antibiotics, he and other physicians practicing Anthroposophic medicine have developed home remedy kits which include homeopathic and other natural medicines.Although immunizations are linked with school registration they are not mandatory. Exemptions for religious, medical, and philosophical reasons are part of state law.Alternative Medicine Digest #19Blood Type Determines Your HealthResearch into anthropology, medical history, and genetics leads naturopath Peter J. D'Adamo, N.D. to conclude that our blood type is "the key that unlocks the door to the mysteries of health, disease, longevity, physical vitality, and emotional strength." With application of the blood type "key" found in his book, Eat Right 4 Your Type, health conscious individuals can make informed choices about diet, exercise, supplementation, and medical treatment plans. According to D'Adamo, the digestive and immune specificity of each blood type can determine a person's probable susceptibility to or power over disease.People with type O blood fare best on intense physical exercise and animal proteins and less well on dairy products and grains. Ideal exercises for type Os include aerobics, martial arts, contact sports and running. However, type Os are more likely to suffer from asthma and hay fever. They also are predisposed to arthritis because their immune systems are "environmentally intolerant" to foods such as grains and potatoes that can produce inflammatory reactions.Those with type A blood are more naturally suited to a vegetarian diet and organic foods and prefer calming, centering exercise, such as yoga and tai chi. Yet type As are predisposed to heart disease, cancer and diabetes.Blood type B individuals have a strong immune system and a tolerant digestive system, and tend to resist many of the severe chronic degenerative illnesses. Those with this blood type do best with moderate physical exercise requiring mental balance such as hiking, cycling, tennis and swimming. Type Bs however are especially susceptible to autoimmune disorders, such as chronic fatigue, lupus, multiple sclerosis and diabetes.Those with type AB blood are, according to D'Adamo, the most biologically complex and have the fewest problems with allergies. Yet, heart disease, cancer, and anemia are medical risks for them. For individuals with AB blood, a combination of exercise for types A and B work best. D'Adamo also cautions that type AB individuals have a higher rate of cancer and poorer survival odds than those of the other blood types. Blood type is determined by the class of antigens found on the surface of the red blood cells.Alternative Medicine Digest #19Battle Cancer with a HeartbeatA recent study conducted on more than 25,000 Norwegian women found that engaging in physical activity reduces the risk of breast cancer. The women aged 20 to 54 were followed for an average of 14 years during which they were questioned about their physical activity during leisure time and work. On a scale from one to four, leisure time activities ranged from sedentary activities such as reading or watching television, to vigorous training or participation in competitive sports. Work-related activity ranged from mostly sedentary work to heavy manual labor. Within this group of women, 351 cases of breast cancer were reported. The women who described their work related activity to be heavy manual labor and those who exercised at least four hours a week during leisure time experienced the fewest cases of breast cancer. Researchers also found that the protective effect of exercise was notable among lean women who were consistently active during their leisure time. This is significant as obesity has been associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. Researchers also noted that triglycerides, the chemical form in which most fat exists within the body and the blood, were higher in sedentary women than in more active women and this in turn may cause a greater exposure to estrogen, which has also been linked to the development of breast cancer.Better Nutrition, July 1997Colloidal MineralsRecent studies linking mineral deficiencies to a host of illnesses has increased interest in adding mineral supplements to our daily diet. Of the many forms of minerals for supplementation, colloidal minerals, in which minute particles of electromagnetically charged minerals are suspended in de-ionize water, have taken center stage.According to an industry expert, the negative charge increases the attraction of the mineral to the cellular walls of the body making the minute particles more easily absorbed into the system. However, the dearth of scientific knowledge about the function of certain minerals within the body leaves this industry largely unregulated, thus, a buyer needs to be wary. Care in selecting mineral products is essential because some manufactures have been found to artificially produce mineral colloids with solutions of containing crushed metallic minerals and other inorganic material. According to industry experts plant derived minerals are the only kind of minerals our bodies can utilize effectively and safely. Plants absorb metallic minerals from the soil and convert them into a form that our bodies are designed to assimilate. Minerals in their metallic form can be toxic to the human body, accumulate in the tissues and create serious health problems. However, many colloidal mineral products on the shelves don't list the source of their product or their methods of manufacturing.Lance Imburgia, media relations director for T.J. Clark & Company, the oldest manufacturer of colloidal minerals, says that in finding safe and genuine colloidal mineral products "the only measuring stick is the history of the company." According to many sources, including Imburgia, an illness treated by a drink from a spring in Utah led to the discovery of an ancient rainforest in southern Utah, the only source for the over 65 various minerals and trace minerals necessary to produce pure colloidal mineral supplements. Presently, the 70-year-old T. J. Clark mine, owned and operated by the third generation of the Clark family, is the only one of its kind that has been discovered and clinically tested with no other persons or companies having mineral rights to it. However, the Clark company does sell their formula to other companies which are issued a certificate authorizing the source of their products.An at-home test designed by a colloidal minerals manufacturer to determine if your brand of minerals are negatively charged involves filling a small glass with tap water and pouring in a capful of the product. Within several minutes the water should become cloudy. After letting the glass sit overnight, a white/yellowish deposit, toxins leached from the water, should form on the bottom of the glass. This test is said to prove that the minerals are plant derived and negatively charged and thus, will pull toxins out of your body in the same way.Whole Foods, March 1996,


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