Rockie Horoscope 26

For the week of March 31-April 6, 2000If you know your ascendant, read it too.GENERAL FORECAST: It's pretty wacky out there and April Fools' Day has nothing to do with it. Great gossip and relentless investigative reporting during Thursday's revealing Mercury-Pluto square, followed by the passionate pursuit of a religious ideal or a celebrity -- your typically fanatical Mars-Neptune behavior -- can make the aftermath of this year's Oscar awards seem to go on forever. Call it quits Saturday as the fiery Aries sun-Pluto trine rewards rehabilitation, the healing that has taken place over the past month. Sometime during the practical Mercury-Saturn sextile on Sunday, while you're planting your feet firmly in the ground, remember to move your clocks ahead for Daylight Saving Time. But don't do much more than that while we're in the balsamic phase (the meditative, last few days) of the old moon. The Aries new moon begins Tuesday at 11:12 a.m; for the next few days, as adventurous Mars conjuncts prosperous Jupiter, get your start-up started. It'll be two years before this gung-ho merger occurs again.ARIES (March 20-April 19)A favorite fantasy can turn into a reality of sorts this weekend; maybe someone will pay you back in kind, maybe you'll finally have the sexual experience you secretly crave. While the Aries sun and passionate Pluto align, something that has been buried deep (or forgotten entirely) surfaces. And just in time for one of the major astrological moment of the year, the meeting of your Mars ruler and magnanimous, megamogulistic Jupiter in your Taurus money house late Wednesday. This is opportunity knocking loud and clear; be sure to dress for the occasion when Venus enters Aries Thursday.TAURUS (April 20-May 20)Devotion to a cause or its glamorous figurehead, the energy to pursue a figment of your imagination, your ability to stick to a script -- all manifestations of what you can accomplish when Mars in Taurus is tested by delusional Neptune. Capitalize on this surge of desire and the opportunity that arises midweek when Mars meets expansive Jupiter, also in your sign. Spring 2000 is the time of your time; what happens this week is an early indication of the exciting things you're about to experience while a preponderance of planets (lucky seven) pileup in Taurus.GEMINI (May 21-June 20)Flighty friends can make your weekend nuttier than usual, but you'll land on your feet because your Mercury ruler and stable Saturn are supportive. The group, be it a union, the NCAA or a professional political association, becomes all important during the next lunar cycle, so if you have an agenda, get it off and running Tuesday at the new moon. You'll be able to reach many influential people while Mercury in your Pisces midheaven has you emitting unconscious thoughts a mile a minute. It's like a speed high, only in astrology, it's called a mutable square.CANCER (June 21-July 22)Faith can move mountains, but can it get your partner to believe in something other than a cherished illusion? This is a good weekend to be a fan, to follow your band of choice and blow off making any decisions. Another way to view your career will develop after the Aries new moon on Tuesday, so allow yourself time and room to grow. And grow you will once Jupiter's love of learning merges midweek with Mars' desire to be first in the field. If ever you wanted a shot at becoming an entrepreneur, this is it.LEO (July 23-August 22)Early August Lions are inching closer every day to making a life-altering choice. Your odds of arriving intact at that crucial point improve considerably while your sun ruler supports regenerative Pluto this weekend. Pounce on the chance to consolidate your gains or take another step in the direction that is rewarding your turnaround. Other Lions can feather their nests by showing appreciation at the Aries new moon for someone's contribution to your financial well-being; a harmless flirtation would not be considered inappropriate.VIRGO (August 23-September 22)More beans to spill, more beans to count, too. Once you reveal what you find out when your Mercury ruler challenges secretive Pluto this weekend, your reputation may be upgraded. And while it might not follow like the night the day, you could be substantially rewarded midweek when Mars and Jupiter, commanders of the concept of "enterprise", join forces in Taurus, a productive earth sign like your own. That Taurus governs your house of investments, insurance and inheritance should provide more bread for that bean dish.LIBRA (September 23-October 22)A co-worker could pull one of those politically motivated dirty tricks on the 1st, more dangerous than an April Fool's prank and somewhat costly, but nothing truly rotten. As your Venus ruler switches from the vast expanse of Piscean compassion to narrow, self-directed Arien energy, you'll try to zero in on what would best serve you AND your primary relationship. Keeping two objectives in mind is this week's neat feat; however, you can use Tuesday's Aries new moon to set your focus and maintain it.SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)The weekend is strictly a set-up for what happens midweek when motivated Mars and enthusiastic Jupiter meet in your Taurus house of (depending on when you were born) co-workers or partners. This is the first of many planetary conjunctions that'll occur between now and the end of May, so get ready for an infusion of money, publicity and the sheer physical energy to help build the business. You can make a significant life change when the sun rewards your Pluto co-ruler, plus significant money when lucky Jupiter joins your Mars co-ruler. Twice-blessed.SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)You might be scammed this weekend, talked into spending too much money "for entertainment purposes only." Keep this in mind when your imagination runs away with you. Where your next success lies is in down-to-earth Taurean reality, e.g., an enterprise attached to the garden, such as aromatherapy, or an event at the Garden. Because impulsive Mars and your far-sighted Jupiter ruler are converging in your fifth house of fun and games, romance and risk, take the risk. The last time these enterprising forces met was January 1998 in Aquarius, the sign governing cyberspace.CAPRICORN (December 22-January 20)Farmland, real estate, home and hearth are where your good fortune, not to mention your heart, lies. Although you might have to deal aggressively with a powerful association this weekend, your efforts at repairing what has to be fixed should pay off. This also applies to a family situation; however if you wait until the Aries new moon on Tuesday before initiating what you think (you're really clever right now) needs to be done, so much the better. Timing may not be everything, but good is always better than bad.AQUARIUS (January 21-February 18)Like post-Oscar stories, your moment of fame -- or is it notoriety? -- might still be on everyone's tongue. Fortunately, this weekend, you can make money from any, we hope it's constructive, change in your career.. Be nice to the powers that be and the rewarding sun-Pluto trine will be nice to you. An opportunity to expand your education, perhaps to travel comes up midweek. If you feel you're being tested, you're right. The pileup of planets in Taurus this spring will push your buttons and turn the ones that are "off" back on.PISCES (February 19-March 19)Besotted is what Fish often become when your suggestible Neptune ruler receives sexual advances from aggressive Mars, like it does this weekend. Watch yourself melt in the arms of a fiery, fearless adventurer if you must, but don't blow a fabulously profitable financial opportunity that could surface midweek when Mars joins generous Jupiter in your money house. You might have to psych up your entire group and drag them along on this project or they could be the ones who see the potential and bring it to you. Right now, you're the people who need people...Curious about the future? Order a personalized Transit Forecast (30 to 40+ pages) detailing the major themes and issues that will arise over the next 12 months. Send name, date, time and place of birth, plus a check or money order for $42.50 per report to ROCKIE GARDINER, 1021 N. Genesee Ave., #1, West Hollywood, CA 90046. Read my daily forecast online at


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