Rockie Horoscope 23

If you know your ascendant, read it too.GENERAL FORECAST: What appears to be a fairly hassle-free weekend with a sensual Taurus moon on Friday and a gadabout, run-some-errands Gemini moon Saturday and Sunday could turn into one helluva mess simply because Mercury is about to go direct. While that moment doesn't arrive until Tuesday at 12:39 p.m. PST, we are all aware that the shit accompanying Mercury's flips tends to hit the fan a lot earlier than the due date. So if you're on the road, be prepared for delays, fender-benders, missed signals, etc.. On Monday, Venus slips into deep Piscean waters for three weeks of faith, hope and charity events, and on Wednesday powerful Pluto, ruler of the the dark side, turns retrograde for five months, emerging in mid-August for the NFL pre-season and more juicy sports scandals.ARIES (March 20-April 19)There's nothing to stop you from following your own agenda, using the surge of physical energy and mental concentration provided by your Mars ruler transiting your own sign (but only until the 22nd). Just keep in mind that Mercury soon flips forward in your house of friendship and common goals, and while that change of direction might throw you for a minute or two, it shouldn't slow you or your group project down. But if you don't feel like doing much, if the narcoleptic Pisces vibe is making you more reclusive than usual, that's a time-honored, pre-birthday practice, too.TAURUS (April 20-May 20)Responding to a higher, charitable or self-sacrificing call is what happens when your Venus ruler transits Pisces. But it's only for three weeks, so you don't really have to give up the good life. Chances are you'll produce something that'll benefit your career if you get inspired on Wednesday during Mercury's merger with magnetic Venus. Save your spiel for midweek, because the audience you attract then will be ripe for the plucking. April Bulls can run a classic scam, e.g., establish a church of your own, midweek when enthusiastic Jupiter in your sign contacts idealistic Neptune.GEMINI (May 21-June 20)You're farther along the spiritual track, searching hither and yon for the ideal realization of a life-long goal. Could the answer be rising from the Piscean fog? Will the marriage of your Mercury ruler -- direct, thank God, on the 14th -- and loving Venus bring you the perfection you envision or will you emerge as the Beautiful Dreamer, somewhat sleepy and out of it? Playing games of illusion, hanging out in the dimly-lit corners of your philosophical bent can keep you happily preoccupied this week, maybe even convinced that you're in love. Make art instead.CANCER (June 21-July 22)Mercury turns direct on the 14th in your house of sex and other people's money, so you can expect more of both, plus a reason to communicate your experiences and, equally important, to see them being well-received. That's a lot to put on your plate, but since you're in a learning mode, it won't be difficult to digest every tasty tidbit. The Pisces-Virgo full moon on the 19th, another of those all-encompassing cuspy full moons, occurs just hours before the spring equinox. Matters still pending will fall into place then.LEO (July 23-August 22)You and significant others, the allies and adversaries currently wrestling for the preeminent position in your current mode of thinking, could agree to agree for a change. July Lions, very much under the Piscean influence, might take this truce as a divine sign and launch a major musical enterprise or they may delude themselves into thinking a miracle is about to happen. The other Leos harbor no such illusions; they are too busy working too hard to nurse a magnificent obsession right now. A few beers on St. Patrick's Day, maybe.VIRGO (August 23-September 22) After three weeks in retrograde, reviewing work you've already done or visiting with old friends, your Mercury ruler turns direct on the 14th, and immediately unites with amiable Venus in early Pisces. Some Virgos will see a romance rekindled; others, instant acceptance by co-workers of one of your more palatable ideas. Venus attracts good-looking people with kind hearts and artistic talents, and for at least a week, they'll be there by your side. How long after the equinox they stay hinges on your response to full moon madness, both your's and their's.LIBRA (September 23-October 22)The romantic riff you're hearing takes on a martyr-like tone, soulful and doleful, while your simpatico Venus ruler meets expressive Mercury midweek. Prepare to give more of yourself, especially if the lover is younger and a player to boot. The kids could also be tugging at your heartstrings, but they shouldn't be pulling at your pursestrings just yet. Give 'em a few weeks. Your attitude toward a financial matter, the buying or the selling, undergoes an adjustment as Pluto in your money house changes direction on the 15th. Good luck and happy times for the sacred spring equinox.SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)Mercury turns direct in your home base, so if you've been diligently cleaning house (like one is supposed to during Mercury retrograde) or handling a messy family matter, relax. You are about to be showered with affection, appreciation and beautiful items that'll spruce up the joint. Make room for a painting or the piano, for more art and music. You might have a wobbly moment midweek while your Pluto co-ruler goes retrograde, but that shouldn't change your outlook; more likely, your timetable will shift. Opportunities and enthusiasm from potential partners; get used to it.SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)Although everything has its season, does it also have its reason? Even if you know that Mercury is turning direct in Pisces on the 14th, will that alleviate the confusion you feel, the mechanical mishaps you'll have to endure while this planetary phenomenon takes place? Add to the mix, Pluto in your sign flipping the next day while Mercury and Venus swap stories (maybe saliva, too.) Where is the sexual impulse coming from and does it matter? Then try to explain away a royal scam as Neptune in your money house challenges your Jupiter ruler Thursday. Good luck.CAPRICORN (December 22-January 20)Events take place around you, but because your Saturn ruler isn't one of the planets participating, you don't have to be personally involved if you'd rather not. However, it'll be hard to avoid the temptation to finally acquire what you've been pining for. Once Mercury merges with "God, that's so beautiful!" Venus in your money house on Wednesday, something of spiritual or artistic merit could seem even more valuable. But first consider the possibility that you're being dazzled by its aura. And that will wear off soon enough.AQUARIUS (January 21-February 18)No sudden twists and turns this week, not even in the romance department. Instead, you could be writing sweet love songs and heartfelt thank-you notes while eloquent Mercury and charming Venus get together in musical, mystical Pisces. This union brings out a softer side that few get to see. You might also be riding on a higher wave length because expansive Jupiter is urging idealistic Neptune in your sign to pursue a spiritual (or musical) goal. The challenging square is now, the reward comes in August when these planets trine.PISCES (February 19-March 19)Pisces doesn't end with a bang, nor with a whimper. How about with a kiss? After loving Venus unites with Mercury, newly direct in your sign, on Wednesday, it'll be hugs, kisses and lovey-dovey messages for another week. You'll attract come-on glances for far longer, but the verbal expression of affection reaches a peak on the Ides. Nothing to beware of except your own enthusiasm for a religious group or artistic acquaintances. Be sure you know what you're doing while Jupiter exhorts your Neptune ruler to be all that it can be -- drunk, drugged and deluded.Curious about the future? Order a personalized Transit Forecast (30 to 40+ pages) detailing the major themes and issues that will arise over the next 12 months. Send name, date, time and place of birth, plus a check or money order for $42.50 per report to ROCKIE GARDINER, 1021 N. Genesee Ave., #1, West Hollywood, CA 90046.

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