Psychic Predictions: May 25, 1997

If your birthday falls in the May week ending 5/25 your birth year opens something like this. Paperwork or cash involving career or job opportunity appears in abundance. It seems there is one who is a junior 'in charge' type. Maybe it is what you are to become. Anyhow, this prompts you to make an in person appearance. You are also moved by confusion and heavy emotions. You will do well if you keep your mind on track. Do not sway from the subjects at hand. Midyear there is a lot of talk taking place. It involves three parties. One is a Good hearted woman. One is a man in power. You are the third. There are tears throughout this talking and communication. These tears are tears of joy as they are put in your life by God's plans. Endyear wraps things up with cooperation becoming necessary. You will have to share some secrets with a woman of a stern nature. This may be for a long time. Again there is some doubt. You do not fully trust her. This is good as it keeps you on your toes.Aries: A decision crops up to cut away. This is because of news which seems to roll in much like a bowling ball in the beginning of the ram's week. This news is from a man in authority and is involving a male stranger. There is nothing to worry about here, so keep this in mind and proceed. Midweek comes a time where there is cooperation needed around a uniformed one. This is good health and brings wishes come true in an expected way where ill health exists already. Endweek wraps things up with ill health over love. This could be love over a thing rather than an individual. Written things enter the picture and there is thought and planning where an ending or finish is needed. The situation is one which leaves you walking on air.Taurus: The bull's week opens with two party dealings. The topic is happiness at home. A good hearted female is involved as well as a male stranger. The woman is happy because there is change coming. This change is in or with the male. Midweek in partnerships like marriage a rock time is dealt with. There is a romantic partnership experiencing a completion. This is quick and current. Everything will be fine. Thought and planning comes forefront. Wishes are honored. Endweek wraps things up with one who is single and searching. There is clarity here. It comes with the change so prevalent in the beginning of the week. It is within a romantic context. It is a major wish come true.Gemini: Institutional concerns open the week for the twins. These are dealings between older and younger versions of the same person. This is familial in context. The child like one sides with the mom type. There is an answer of yes between them and the male parent type. Midweek take care how you deal with a female power figure. There are tears here. They may be yours. The are involving of an offer. A partnership declines because of this offer. Endweek wraps things up with a money and ceremony situation. There is a good hearted man involved. This is one you can be close to. There is a second chance here. He holds the keys why. There are secrets as well.Cancer: Good news opens the crabs week. There is a surprise windfall. It comes with a second chance. It is involving of a female stranger. There is a mighty wish coming true after her involvement. Midweek news comes in. The middle of the story is an offer. It is three way in nature. It is involving of an innocent and child like one·that is to say if they are not a child. The message is two fold. It is delivered because it needs to be and because some one wants to deliver it. Watch to see if they do not color the message for their own purposes. Endweek there is a delay. It will involve a stranger or casual acquaintance. They bring clarity to a situation by their comments. They will become close.Leo : In a situation of 'Just Right!' the lion's find an ending taking place. It seems that a female is alienated in the middle of things. There is a completion or a closure. It has long term effects. It is one which should not worry the lion, because like all cats they land on their feet. Unhappiness at home can come to an end. A surprise comes midweek. It is good health. It is creative. It breathes happiness onto the homefront. It is good news and it is a relief as with it comes a delay. The lion's will not have to live up to their part of the bargain until later. Sigh. Endweek there is some disappointment. It is over an ending where money changed hands. There is true love in the center. An answer of 'yes follows things up. Wishes come true at the end.Virgo: The Virgo week opens with a money and ceremony situation. Plans come true as hoped. A woman has worked hard to achieve this. There is travel on her part. She needs to appear at least once more in person to get total fulfillment. Midweek around completions there is a return situation. This is to the career front. Two work hard unlike before. They also work hand in hand. Endweek in the middle of a change of address or mind Virgo must be careful or they end up unhappy. Some disappointment shows up institutionally. If a new home is sought out, see that it meets all of your criteria, or do not even consider it. Do not act quickly.Libra: News opens the Libra week. This is good news as an answer of 'yes' is to be had around a good hearted woman and a male power figure. There is very good health for the Libra as a result. Midweek there is a planned for wish coming true. This involves travel with a like minded individual. This is a second chance scenario, or the second time you travel together. It is filled with clarity. Endweek there is surprise change on the horizon. It involves a degree of land travel, although not very far from home. It ends a three party situation.Scorpio: Creativity is a must in the beginning of the Scorpio week. It may be a bit lacking however. There is a stranger who will bring an element of surprise into things. Some ill health causes tears. Midweek among a family or business unit of go-getters, a partnership is affirmed. This is seen by the whole world. Solidarity is confirmed. Endweek there is a second chance offered. Weigh all the pros and cons before you welcome opening this door once more. Good health can be had in abundance, so can happiness at home and good news. But, do you have that right now without the second chance?Sagittarius: Written things around career open the archer's week. They are delayed. It is by God's plans and ultimately it is in your best interests. True love is at the root of all these dealings. Midweek a female stranger expresses herself twice as much as you would expect and perhaps twice as much as you are comfortable with. Perhaps a bit too much information is given here. There is a lot of happiness at home, so let it go. Endweek involves a good hearted woman and a male stranger of one she is fighting with. There is an end in sight, It is with true love getting an answer of 'yes', or a complete go ahead.Capricorn: Double unhappiness ends for the goats. Heavy emotions and confusion ends. A woman in power who works and achieves is involved. Midweek God's fingers again stir the pot. You will cry because he says be patient and you are impatient. A major wish comes true around a good hearted 'dad' type fellow and one who is younger but shares similar ideals. Endweek An offer rolls in. It is in the arena of change. It is held secret by a woman who covers all of her bases. She keeps it inside for a long long time.Aquarius: There is some disappointment opening the water bearer's week. It involves a woman who is not acting herself. Do not worry a younger version of her shows the true path easily and openly. Midweek there are heavy emotions. These seem to trail on and on. Conversations with a woman in power have a good effect on the confusion. Seek her out. You do not have to look far. Watch for the number 12, or perhaps it is at lunch time that she is most easily found. Endweek around like thinkers we find good news. This news is over surgeries and removals. Any sort of surgery works out well, whether figurative or real.Pisces: A uniformed one opens the week for the fishies. This is where work or career is involved. There is a partnership coming to a finale. It is discussed with the uniformed one from or around the work place. Midweek again in the realm of romance we find quickness being needed. This is where thoughts and plans translate onto paper. It is a wish come true. Grab the cash if offered. It won't happen twice. Endweek there is one light of heart. They do not work hard but have phenomenal luck. Everything is fine around them. Offers to end dealings are mighty sweet.This Week's SpellSchool days, School days, good old golden rule days etc...But who can sing this time of the year when all you are worried about is getting through final exams. This will help.School DazeYou will need a White Figure Candle of your gender.Fast Luck, Judge Be For Me, Helping Hand, and Happiness Oils.Meditation IncenseWrite your name and birthdate on the bottom of the candle. Write something such as 'I will study hard and do my part but I also need some help. Please find me the teacher's benefit of the doubt in all dubious cases where things could go either way. Please find these final exams not a chore of drudgery, but find them easy, pleasant and fulfilling. Find all of the vast knowledge I have acquired and let me access it all when I need it.'Light the candle, Light the Incense and get a good night's sleep.

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