Psychic Predictions: May 18, 1996

Birthdays up until May 18th, your year ahead demonstrates a situation where there is long term happiness at home coming, just as you wish and as you expect. This is good news for you as things will be very pleasing. This is because cutting away/ surgery/ removal situations, real and figurative can be put on hold. The figurative are the best to put off and anything mentally trying with them is dealt with later. Midyear in the closing of a cooperation or partnership, one which lasted and lasted, you do not have to worry about tears as that will only be counter productive, or perhaps they will not be there anyway. Endyear you must watch what you wish for around one who is looking or seeking. If you are the looker or seeker you must watch even closer as a situation which finds happiness at home perhaps not being all it promises to be. This may bring a potential ill health to romance.Aries: The week of the rams opens with a woman in power saying yes. There are three, right now. This is said or involves a man with a good heart. Midweek around a male power figure there is ill health with a soulmate. The soulmate is a stranger now for two weeks. They will remain so if you let them. Endweek wraps things up with a strong partnership calling for land travel to take place. This is because of something written around a man who isn't the cleanest of characters. This is a wish come true.Taurus: The bull's opening week sees a man in power coming into a situation where there is unhappiness at home. He provides a wish come true, but it is one which had been seen coming. This is a public eye scenario, so everyone else saw it coming too. Midweek there is an ending or finish. This is accomplished through discussion. This involves one who is uniformed and may be about a child. This may potentially be a discussion of the end of romance. Endweek in a fight or quarrel there is a compromise reached. This is because of a strange change, almost like a 'possession' in the middle of the fight. It is a wish come true for the 'possessed' one. This is because they wish the struggle to be over.Gemini: There are heavy emotions opening the twin's week. This is because there is a rebirth situation in progress. This is quick and current and may upset home life for three people. Midweek a uniformed one and a soulmate cry. This is because of a second chance. This is a second 'second chance'. Money pours in as a result. Endweek wraps things up with a change of mind or address. Inside of this change is a lot of planning and tears on the part of a woman who is being untrue to herself. She should examine her motives and turn around to herself being true. Then the move or mind change will be for the better.Cancer: Secret offers or proposals open the week for the crabs. This is a wish come true for them. IT comes with it a good measure of good health and is associated with a male stranger. He is older and may have a wave or curl to his hair. Midweek in the crab's career arena there is true love cropping up. Before you are excited about physical pleasures however, this may just be job satisfaction rather than huggy-bear/kissy-face stuff. In any event, where there was disappointment this changes to good health. It involves a woman of stern make-up. Endweek there is a money loss. At it's center is a wish come true, so either you don't mind the loss because of the reasons behind it or you do not get enjoy your purchase as much as expected. This is a surprise start up of some sort for you and it clarifies where institutional ventures are headed.Leo : A change/ removal/ cutting away opens the lion's week. A immature one receives an answer of 'yes'. This is needless worry where there is disappointment. Midweek there is an ending or finish to be dealt with. This is around the immature one from beginning week and a man who can be a skank. This is a final ending and it is the cause of an ending with a good hearted woman as well. The immature one and the skank stand apart from the good hearted woman. The immature one and she are very similar, however are now separated by the skank. Endweek a woman untrue to herself, or feeling lost deals with a partnership reaching it's conclusion. This is true love which is involved, and is questioned. There is confusion within her the lions must deal with.Virgo: Everything is mighty fine as the week opens. There is an offer which is considered. There is a good hearted male at the center.,. He is fatherly. This is institutionally charged. It is involving career. Midweek Discussion comes to the forefront. This is involving a woman in power. It is endings which are discussed. This is transferred to paper. There is a change here. Get it in writing. Endweek there is a public eye scenario. This will involve being there in person. It involves one who is questing or searching and a male strange who is perhaps the key to finding the sought after.Libra: News comes of quickness or a desire for quick action. This has at it's heart a woman who can be a bitch. This alienates one figure as much as it draws another closer. This is in person for the Libra and happens outside of their home. Midweek also outside the home there is an offer or proposal involving a woman acting out of character, or a woman who is a complete stranger. She is wishing and taking chances. This is translated onto paper or involves money. Endweek around soulmates there is work or action. This is followed by discussion. The discussion results in an answer of 'yes'. Resultant to that is a change or removal.Scorpio: A man in power opens the Scorpio week. Everything will be fine, however there is a measure of disappointment first. This is caused by a man in power as well, perhaps the same one and then another measure of disappointment follows. It seems you get what you want. It is not what you asked for. It will be better than you asked for however·it will take you a while, perhaps four weeks to realize this. Air flight of any kind for the next four weeks which touches your life, will also have it's share of disappointments. Midweek a partnership is finally tied off. A woman in power discusses ill health as it's result. Endweek wraps things up with good news about finishes and completions. There is a good news ending where romance is concerned between like minded, hearted, and likeness resembling couples.Sagittarius: Wishes on the outside may not be the same on the inside as the week opens for the archers. Take care in difficult decisions that to get your wish you do not bite off more than you can chew, or you don't give up more than you want. A tough decision is made to cut away or remove. Midweek two take on a good hearted man. They need and appreciate his insight. It is useful with dealing with a long time stranger. Endweek money changes hands. There is an answer of 'Yes' which provides the clarity need here to see where separations are headed. There is needless career worry, so don't!Capricorn: A second chance opens the goat's week. This is a wish come true. It involves three parties. It is afforded by true love and is a situation which leaves you dancing on air. Do not worry. God's plans in the middle of the week put a delay to things. Wait and wait patiently. This is a money/paperwork scenario. It involves one light of heart and spirit. It is institutional in nature and it is believed that the institution in question is family/home life. Endweek in a recent move scenario there is good news. A compromise is reached over one who is uniformed. A woman becomes happy hearted because of it.Aquarius: In the heart of an easy decision there is secret unhappiness on the homefront. It involves family and should be discussed with three parties openly and honestly. Midweek a return scenario takes place. This is because of unhappiness at home and tears. All of this involves a uniformed one or a child. Perhaps they are returning to the home front. Endweek the water bearer's have a money and ceremony situation. It involves soulmates. These are a younger and older version of the same person. There is a surprise new beginning between them. They really do not seem to trust each other much however.Pisces: The fishies opening week involves a closure. This is involving two similar yet estranged ones. Between them there is happiness in the heart and this is seen to be there yet they have trouble acknowledging it. Midweek everything looks mighty fine. There is a surprise wish coming true. It is a Godsend, or so everyone says. It is a big change which is proposed. You are silly if you don't take it. Endweek there is, in partnerships as strong as marriage, a wish come true. Clarity is given to two, and it will show that things are very much on course as you please.Spell of the WeekEveryone deserves a rest. Try Peaceful Home.You will need:A White Cross candle.Fiery Wall of Protection Incense.Peace, Happiness, and Peaceful Home Oils.Write on the White Cross candle something such as 'I toil so hard and am weary. Grant that nothing disturbs my peaceful home that I may get the rest I need in order to go forth and battle the world again.'Anoint the candle with the Oils.Light the candle in a safe place.Light the Fiery Wall of Protection Incense.Let all burn out.Kick back. Compose yourself. Feel the pressure peel away and relax.

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