Psychic Predictions: May 11, 1996

If your birthday falls this week of may your birth year ahead shapes up something like this: If the beginning of this year starts with unhappiness at home over a partnership in dissolution, it is by your own hand. Make your choices wisely as your wishes come true and you are in control. Be careful of whims and back your convictions. A male stranger who is older has plans. Mid year there is some ill health where soulmates/close friends are concerned. A 'single' or questing/searching ones wishes are reaching fulfillment. A good hearted father type is influential and will be of great assistance. Endyear wraps things up with some tears. These are because of changes and removals which will bring and aid love. A uniformed and regimented one is prominent. A female finds herself semi-lost around them. These tears are of joy and relief not grief.Aries: Two surprise windfall type beginnings open the ram's week. Both of them hinge on creativity being in abundance. Whatever happens institutionally here happens by the hands of the rams and should go well as it is the start of a good health time. Midweek there is needless worry. This is for a very long time. It is because of a partnership cooperation scenario involving a good hearted woman and the rams. It may have been in existence for three weeks by this point. Endweek there is land travel highlighted. It has to do with money or paperwork. It is needless worry and furthers the plans of a man who is uniformed or following guidelines as to behavior, and expectations.Taurus: Within an idealism scenario where happiness at home is highlighted the bulls talk and talk and talk with one who is single or acting that way. There is a major wish come true here through conversation. Midweek in a situation which requires quick action there is a long term compromise reached. It is involving of a woman of action and one who is unsure of herself. It is involving of strong feelings and confusion. Endweek wraps things up with institutional paperwork. This is again an urgent situation where things should not be put off. This is in romance and it involves the lives of three.Gemini: A unknown male comes forefront. There is a change or removal coming up. If it is an actual surgery it provides a second chance. It seems more career related however and will still be a second chance. Midweek everything is very fine around proposals. Money changing hands is given the go-ahead by a man in power. This authority figure is involved in freeing up the money. Clarity comes during the middle of things and the twins can see the end result quite clearly. Endweek deals with finishes and closings. They do not happen as quick as anticipated. This is because of the secrets or withheld information of a father figure. This causes heavy emotions.Cancer: A partnership in dissolution opens the crabs week. This is very fine as it provides double wishes coming true. The public watches and sheds tears of joy in celebration. Midweek change comes around a power figure male, the one who calls the shots and a light complexioned one who never expects to be hurt. Wishes come true between them, so in this instance the trusting ones nature is rewarded. A land travel situation evolves here. Endweek clarity crops up as behind the scenes doings are revealed. This is good health where there is currently a money loss taking place. It comes to an end. It hinges upon a woman with a good heart.Leo: A return scenario is features in the lion's beginning week. This is a second chance and it involves a professional woman. The lion has been estranged from her. She is all business during this return. Midweek there is some disappointment in love as a female holds true to herself above others. This disappointment lasts. An answer of 'yes' is given in the end and learning to cope with this disappointment is actually good news. The whole situation ends up fine. Endweek God's plans include some unhappiness at home. This is because the lions feel lost in an ending or finishing scenario. Unhappiness is generated by a frustrating delay.Virgo: A man who is a skank or sleazy is instrumental in the beginning of the week. Following him is an ending or completion. It involves a female much like himself. She ends up with good news as he does himself in. Midweek around the same male there is double the conversation taking place over career. The whole world watches so perhaps it is talk of promotions. Two may be up for the same thing and the one more humble wins out. Endweek there is an element of ill health within romance. It is over. The ill health that is. Good news comes with being there in person, so land travel is indicated.Libra: Proposals handled opening week are good. Money will change hands because of them. This is a second chance offering perhaps. The second time around brings the closure. Midweek for the Libra teaming up with a professional woman brings an end to tears for a very long time. Endweek long term delays are lifted and a Good hearted male's move is possible at this time if they want to go through with it. This is good news but treading should be done with care.Scorpio: Plans open the week. No big surprise they are coming true. They involve career. This causes some unhappiness on the home front, so leave work at work. This could potentially estrange a female from her partner if not handled well. Midweek the plans still are granted. Again no surprise. This time the woman is business first and the plans are shared by her partner. Ill health for the business first woman, is put on hold because of this. Endweek wraps things up with needless worry. There may be some disappointment around hoity-toity couples. The world sort of sneers because they are stuck up. This shouldn't be allowed to upset the Scorpio apple cart.Sagittarius: In a situation which leaves the archers dancing on air we find a new beginning or a windfall situation. It may be a last minute reprieve. It happens around a good hearted man. This is also an opportune time for engagements. Midweek compromise arises. Soulmates talk about partnership wishes coming true and pull together for it to happen. Endweek immediacy is called for, as is spontaneity. This is where spur of the moment moves are concerns and being able to adapt to any situation with grace and composure. Wishes come true in romance because of this ability to cope.Capricorn: Written work wishes come true for the goats. Contracts are validated. Conversations involving career are good. A stranger is involved, or the Capricorn may find themselves saying 'that's not like me.' Paper or money wishes are granted. Midweek there is movement. The goats will be there in person as they must leave their door and return to it for this to occur. Secrets are learned in person. Thoughts and plans are coming to light. They involve one who is very creative and does not or does not need to work hard. They are going to fly perhaps, and the goats find out. Endweek there is a change/removal coming. It involves a woman unsure of things, but it is an end to ill health. If there is a real surgery in store, it is at this point at least an ending to ill health.Aquarius: Water bearer's do not worry as the week opens. Money will flow in from an unexpected source. There is a minor disappointment but it passes quickly as you get two 'yes' responses. This aids in the cash coming in. Midweek in a three party situation, a male is left out by a proposal. Because of this he has clear misgivings. Before he is alienated, perhaps he should be heard out. Endweek around close ones there is paperwork followed up by discussion. This is institutional in nature and brings much happiness at home.Pisces: Two experience flights of fancy. The fishies operate out of love. There is a change/removal because of this love or to assist it. A junior league person of importance plays a key role. Midweek there is good news. This may involve or come from a child. It pertains to dissolved partnerships or cooperations. It deals with moves of mind or locations where those partnerships have been. They are institutional in nature, so divorced individuals should heed children's words this midweek. Endweek also dealing with moves there are tears of happiness coming to the home front. A good hearted woman becomes more so.***Spell of the WeekShut off the stove. This week's spell is a dish best served cold. Revenge.You will need:A black cat candle.Bat's Blood and Rosemary Oils.Damnation Incense.A bowl of sand or salt.One the black cat candle write the name and the birthdate of the one who has wronged you. Write something on it which expresses your true feelings about the person, and what they have done to you. Write something such as ' ____you have lied to me and stolen feelings true, you have taken advantage of my being good to you. You have treated me as a true friend never would and driven me into the ground. Now it is your turn to suffer. Should it be God's will, let him visit you with trials and tribulations which cause you constant strife and torment more so than the pain you have caused me, so that you learn a lesson and learn it well, so that on earth you may experience the full torment of hell, so that you will learn not to do this to any other person ever again.' You may of course add in your own words and your own feelings your own hope for punishment and your own personal affronts which need to be atoned for.You should do this spell during a waning moon however, if you feel strongly enough to do it another time, you will be forgiven.Open the bottle of Rosemary Oils and set it aside.Anoint the black cat candle with the Bat's Blood Oil. Place it in the bowl of sand or salt. Do not touch the bowl or anything else. Pour some of the Rosemary Oil on your hands and rub them together. Rub the Rosemary Oil bottle with your oiled hands and recap it. Wash your hands and the bottle of Rosemary Oil with soap and water.Light the incense. Light the black cat candle. Sit and meditate upon how you have been wronged and how you would like atonement. Pray to your God that you may see that fulfillment.The Bat's Blood Oil is a strong oil for brining bad luck. The Rosemary Oil will nullify it. Wipe anything you may have gotten the Bat's Blood Oil on with a Rosemary Oiled rag.

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