Psychic Predictions: June 27

If your birthday falls this week ending July 6th (Oh my God, how fast the summer is flying!) your year ahead looks something like this. As the year starts out a three way compromise will be very beneficial. It is a no-win/no-lose situation. You are left feeling pleased as punch, yet more noble for not pushing the issues. A man with a seedy reputation is pleased and a woman who knows what she wants and gets it concede to you. Midyear finds a return scenario taking place. This is a new birth. It is a new chance. It is a brand spanking new opportunity for you. A male stranger has an offer you cannot reject, or so it seems. Endyear wraps things up with some upset or ill health of your own choosing. You have asked for, and you have gotten. Now you must dispose of. This involves some secret information and involves two parties. Eventually you are pleasantly surprised, but initially you are worried.Aries: God's plans open the week for the rams. Your wishes come true as planned. There is good health, so much so in fact that you cry tears of joy and relief over the good news. Land travel is involved. Be there in person to elevate these feelings even higher! Midweek everything is fine although a female stranger causes some initial disappointment. A good hearted male wins the day after alternate thinking and planing takes place. This is institutionally based. Endweek, where there has been unhappiness at home true love enters the picture. Following this is needless worry, and following that is a double ending. The final result at the end of the week is elation, bliss, and a freedom feeling of walking on air.Taurus: The bull's week opens with discussions over romance and the misgivings the bulls have. The conversation is intended to be curative. What results is a pulling together and happiness on the homefront. Midweek two parties go through a cutting away. This causes heavy emotional times for one on the younger side, perhaps a child. There is a decision to be made. It is a two part one. Cooperation for the younger one's sake is called for. Endweek soulmates and one who is seeking experience a delay where at the hands of a man in power. Team up with this authority figure.Gemini: The twins opening week deals with money matters. There are tears initially over money changing hands, although they enter into it with eyes wide open they are not too happy about it. There is an affirmative quickly after the money changes hands, and quicker still there is a money loss. Midweek there is a change of mind that is closely monitored and second guessed. There are secrets held inside which are rapidly changing the status quo. An un-thought of compromise is suggested and holds true. Endweek there is a wish come true taking off. It may involve real air flight plans, and is good. What is planned for at this time will last. Offers made or accepted are good. Air flight is rewarding.Cancer: The crabs talk of movement. There is quickness involved. There is change. There is a second chance looked forward to. All looks rosy in this discussion. Hesitate just a bit in case you have overlooked any discouraging factors-- just a bit, not a lot. Midweek a partnership is coming to a natural close. There is a new start where it will not be called for. There is within this new start an affirmative. A degree of stubbornness is called for. Stick to your guns! Endweek a woman in power opens things up. Her influence only brings out the good in things. There is good health upcoming and there is good news. All of this is directly descendant from her.Leo: Love opens the lion's week. A male stranger is in the picture and carries some influence. There is cash flow to be considered as well as paperwork. This is left over from a romantic partnership gone by the wayside. Midweek there is a great deal of news coming. Within the message is information around one who is looking but not finding. The nature of the message is endings or finishes. There is paperwork or money involved. It may also involve a judge or empowered male. Endweek a uniformed or regimented one deals with endings and finishes where closeness with a good hearted woman is concerned. There is ill health in this event. It follows the woman.Virgo: Virgos deal with career and work all week. Beginning week there is a decision around a man who is intolerable. It is workplace oriented. It is to change remove or cut away. Work and career are questioned for a long time. Midweek in the home there is a wish or plan come to fruition hinted at. God's plans say to be patient. Things have not fully gelled together yet, but they will. Hope is given. Endweek again career steps forefront. There will be a second chance. Where happiness at home is called into question for the working woman, and she is dissatisfied, she is not to worry. All will be well. Remember the hope from midweek?Libra: A three party situation opens the Libra week. In the middle is one who is childlike or innocent or reveres those qualities. They are elated. There is a lot of love around the home front. Midweek this same individual finds money okay for a long time to come, but finds this followed up with some heavy emotion and some tears. This confusion is odd considering the circumstance. Endweek again this same person deeply involved. Again they are elated and pleased. There is an ending to some facet of their hard work I their career. There is a second chance. One project is completed and another just as beneficial is forthcoming. Steady work, steady money, what else can you ask for?Scorpio: The Scorpio begins the week searching and what is found is doubled. Most is found through conversation. Secrets abound between two. Twice as many as imagined. All are discussed. Midweek there is a change coming where work or career is concerned. True love of both is involved. It is thought that it is a change to enjoyment of work or career. This is discussed. A decision is easily made and happiness is the result. Endweek COOPERATION is forefront. In person one partnership ends. This allows for thought and planning to go into full swing for another cooperative effort. If romance plays a part, marriage may be upcoming.Sagittarius: There is land travel opening the archer's week. It is involving of a loved one. It is involving of a power female. It is doubled. It is not a bad thing. Midweek A surprise offer is presented to one who is looking. An answer of 'yes' is readily given. It is a male stranger giving the presentation. It is a new start. Endweek there are institutional concerns. There is a modicum of ill health around them. Things don't seem to be sitting just right. A decision to change and remove the offending factors is made. This is a wish come true and is a finalization to the offending factors.Capricorn: News around romance opens the goat's week. The good hearted man's nature says to be cautious. While his slick or craftily flirtatious side says 'yeah, you know the score, heh heh. Midweek there comes a time where a male stranger or one acting out of character comes forefront. There is a second chance. This is what is odd. This is in a financial matter where all has not been well. Endweek God's plans surround an ending to unhappiness on the homefront. Involved are the goat, a career oriented woman, and a third party.Aquarius: An ending to fighting or struggling opens the week for the water bearers. A good hearted man provides the means to the end. You are unsure whether to take up this means as the struggle has become so commonplace. Midweek there is a time of needless worry. Everything will be fine although you will tend not to think so. Aquarians will feel like strangers because of the relief they feel. This is a time of composure and good health. Endweek within God's plans is found a thought or plan of a man in power. It is in regards to one you are alienated form. There are tears involved as you must be patient and you do not want to be.Pisces: The fishies week opens with an institutional change. This causes a fight they may not win. The world watches on and drops it's comment. It seems to think the fish should give up this losing battle to change things. Midweek an affirmative is quickly reached. It involves the cooperation of a doctor/lawyer/Indian chief. It is a major wish come true. Endweek is a wonderful time for the fish. There is good health in abundance. It is followed by happiness at home. This is followed by a new start, and in turn again, joy over a major wish come true. All is wrapped up with hope, and opportunity if you grab for the brass ring!Spell of the WeekDoes the boss have a special job assignment? Does the neighborhood committee want to pick some one in particular? Does the Sergeant want someone to clean latrines? Do you want absolutely no part in any of it? Then try this weeks spell.Oh No, Not Me!You will need a white figure candle or a plain white candle.Reverse, Irresistible, and No One But Me OilsFrankincense and Myrrh Incense.A small bowl of sand or sea salt.Write on the candle something such as 'See the need to fulfill the deed. See it done complete and won. See it done by anyone, other than me. Look at the group, see the whole troupe, but not see me. Let me be nothing more than the surroundings, not standing out in any way. Protect me from being noticed, in the matter before me today.'Mix the Reverse Oil with the Irresistible and the No One But Me Oils, to make a combination which results in easily overlooked and anyone but me. Anoint your candle.Light the incense, light the candle and intensely pray and concentrate.You may have to perform some other more choice fulfilled deed, but done correctly it won't be the one you were afraid of!

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