On-line Guide for Activists

Anyone who has ever written a letter to an elected official or to a newspaper editor to express their opinion on a political issue, should consider using computer online resources such as email to accomplish the same goals. Instead of reaching one politician/editor at a time through traditional letter writing, email allows you to send the same messages to dozens of places with the same effort as sending a traditional letter. Many newspapers are printing email letters-to-the-editor on a regular basis. I've also received the same response from Members of Congress to an email letter as I've received from a letter sent through the Postal Service. Here are some useful resources for activists:MEDIA ON INTERNET LIST This site has a handy list of electronic mail addresses for many newspaper editorial pages, national and local TV, radio and other media contacts. They also have a list of congressional email addresses, with easy-to-use links for fast delivery of your message. This home page is an excellent resource for sending multiple letters-to-the-editor or to your representative in Congress. Internet address: http://www.armory.com/~leavitt/media.internet.htmlVOTELINKThrough this home page, you can register to vote every week on various issues such as affirmative action, defense spending, etc. Votelink staff tallies these votes and sends the results to the news media, Congress and the White House. There are also opportunities to participate in electronic town meetings. Internet address: http://www.votelink.com/104TH CONGRESS MAILBOTIf you are thinking about contacting every Member of Congress about an issue that has national significance, you can do it with one message. You send one message to a free email service called MAILBOT and they will automatically forward your message to all members of the House or Senate who have email addresses. Your message must be less than 5,000 bytes (about one page), and usage is limited to one message per 72 hours. To insure a response, include your name and address and avoid obscene or abusive language. Email address: HOUSE@MAILBOT.COM or SENATE@MAILBOT.COMPROJECT VOTE SMART HOME PAGE This volunteer organization, affiliated with ACORN, compiles factual information about thousands of candidates running for office each election, along with the major issues facing voters. Internet address: http://vote-smart.org/about/about.htmlCALYX INTERNET ACCESS A group that tries to fully utilize the Internet as a tool for social change. According to Nicholas Merrill, president of CALYX, "The philosophy behind it (CALYX) is that for the new left to be successful in the New World order, we must utilize all of the technological advances of the right. If the right-wing movements are utilizing the Internet's power to increase the scope of their audience 1,000 fold then the left-wing can't compete if it's still trying to get by relying entirely on antiquated less efficient methods of communicating like printing up newspapers, and Xeroxing, and paying $0.33 to the USPS to send out a flyer. "Part of the problem we face however is that many left-wing oriented groups are distrustful or outright fearful of this new technology and what it's possibilities are. Our message to technophobic left-wingers is that you can't persuade the right to stop using technology -- they're kicking our ass using it, so it's not in their best interest. Our only choice is to attempt to use their own technology more skillfully," added Merrill. CALYX provides links to dozens of other activist Internet sites, Congressional email addresses, legal information and much more. Internet address: http://www.calyx.com/activist_links.htmlFINDING AN EMAIL ADDRESS SITE In order to simplify this task, the creator of this site, Masha Boitchouk, has brought together many useful methods for finding specific email addresses. Links to university email directories, international email resources, an Inter-Network Mail Guide, directories of personal home pages, USENET newsgroups listings, etc. Internet address: http://sunsite.oit.unc.edu/~masha/HOTLINKS Here is a mega resource for contacting hundreds of daily newspapers, magazines and media organizations. Sites include: Alphabetical Listing of Dailies, Online Services, Weeklies, Business Papers and Alternative Press, Select International Editions, Collectives, State Press Associations on the Web, Other Media Organizations, etc. Many of the daily newspaper home page links have a ready-to-use email feature for sending letters to the editor. Internet address http://www.naa.org/hot/all.html#weeklyMEDIA WATCHDOG This group monitors the mass media for bias and provides an extensive collection of online media watch resources, including specific media criticism articles and information about media watch groups. The emphasis is on critiquing the accuracy and exposing the biases of the mainstream media. Contents and links include: Time-sensitive information and action alerts, media criticism organizations and resources , media criticism articles, censorship resources, other lists of resources, etc. Internet address: http://theory.lcs.mit.edu/~mernst/media/#time-sensitiveSIDEBAR: CONGRESSIONAL EMAIL ADDRESSES AND WEB SITES Combined from several sources listed above104th Congress United States SenateAK R Stevens, Ted Senator_Stevens@stevens.senate.gov AK R Murkowski, Frank email@murkowski.senate.govAL D Heflin, Howell Administrator@heflin.senate.gov AL R Shelby, Richard senator@shelby.senate.govAR D Bumpers, Dale senator@bumpers.senate.govAZ R Kyl, Jon info@kyl.senate.gov AZ R McCain, John Senator_McCain@mccain.senate.govCA D Boxer, Barbara senator@boxer.senate.gov CA D Feinstein, Dianne senator@feinstein.senate.govCO R Brown, Hank senator_brown@brown.senate.gov CO R Campbell, Ben N. data@nighthorse.falcontech.comCT D Dodd, Christopher sen_dodd@dodd.senate.gov CT D Lieberman, Joseph senator_lieberman@lieberman.senate.govDE D Biden, Joe senator@biden.senate.govFL D Graham, Bob bob_graham@graham.senate.govFL R Mack, Connie chairman_mack@jec.senate.gov connie@mack.senate.govGA R Coverdell, Paul senator_coverdell@coverdell.senate.govHI D Inouye, Daniel senator@inouye.senate.govIA D Harkin, Tom tom_harkin@harkin.senate.gov IA R Grassley, Charles chuck_grassley@grassley.senate.govID R Craig, Larry larry_craig@craig.senate.gov ID R Kempthorne, Dirk dirk_kempthorne@kempthorne.senate.govIL D Simon, Paul senator@simon.senate.gov IL D Moseley-Braun, senator@moseley-braun.senate.govIN R Lugar, Richard lugar@iquest.netKS R Frahm, Sheila sheila_frahm@frahm.senate.govKY D Ford, Wendell wendell_ford@ford.senate.gov KY R McConnell, Mitch senator@mcconnell.senate.govLA D Breaux, John senator@breaux.senate.gov LA D Johnston, J.Ben. senator@johnston.senate.govMA D Kennedy, Ted senator@kennedy.senate.gov MA D Kerry, John john_kerry@kerry.senate.govMD D Mikulski, Barbara senator@mikulski.senate.gov MD D Sarbanes, Paul senator@sarbanes.senate.govME R Cohen, William billcohen@cohen.senate.gov ME R Snowe, Olympia Olympia@snowe.senate.govMI D Levin, Carl senator@levin.senate.gov MI R Abraham, Spencer michigan@abraham.senate.govMN R Grams, Rod mail_grams@grams.senate.gov MN D Wellstone, Paul senator@wellstone.senate.govMO R Ashcroft, John john_ashcroft@ashcroft.senate.gov MO R Bond, Christopher kit_bond@bond.senate.govMS R Cochran, Thad senator@cochran.senate.govMT D Baucus, Max max@baucus.senate.gov MT R Burns, Conrad conrad_burns@burns.senate.govNC R Faircloth, Lauch senator@faircloth.senate.gov NC R Helms, Jesse jesse_helms@helms.senate.govND D Conrad, Kent senator@conrad.senate.govND D Dorgan, Byron senator@dorgan.senate.govNE D Kerrey, Bob bob@kerrey.senate.govNH R Gregg, Judd mailbox@gregg.senate.gov NH R Smith, Bob opinion@smith.senate.govNJ D Bradley, Bill senator@bradley.senate.gov NJ D Lautenberg, Frank frank_lautenberg@lautenberg.senate.govNM D Bingaman, Jeff Senator_Bingaman@bingaman.senate.gov NM R Domenici, Pete senator_domenici@domenici.senate.govNV D Bryan, Richard senator@bryan.senate.gov NV D Reid, Harry senator_reid@reid.senate.govNY R D'Amato, Alfonse senator_al@damato.senate.gov NY D Moynihan, Daniel senator@dpm.senate.govOH R Dewine, Michael senator_dewine@dewine.senate.gov OH D Glenn, John caroline@cua3.csuohio.eduOK R Nickles, Don senator@nickles.senate.govOR D Wyden, Ron wyden@teleport.comPA R Santorum, Rick senator@santorum.senate.gov PA R Specter, Arlen senator_specter@specter.senate.govRI R Chafee, John senator_chafee@chafee.senate.gov RI D Pell, Claiborne senator_pell@pell.senate.govSC R Thurmond, Strom senator@thurmond.senate.gov SC D Hollings, Ernest senator@hollings.senate.govSD D Daschle, Thomas tom_daschle@daschle.senate.gov SD R Pressler, Larry larry_pressler@pressler.senate.govTN R Thompson, Fred senator_thompson@thompson.senate.gov TN R Frist, Bill senator_frist@frist.senate.govTX R Hutchison, Kay senator@hutchison.senate.govUT R Bennett, Robert senator@bennett.senate.gov UT R Hatch, Orrin senator_hatch@hatch.senate.govVA D Robb, Charles senator_robb@robb.senate.gov VA R Warner, John senator@warner.senate.govVT D Leahy, Patrick senator_leahy@leahy.senate.gov VT R Jeffords, Jim vermont@jeffords.senate.govWA D Murray, Patty senator_murray@murray.senate.gov WA R Gorton, Slade senator_Gorton@gorton.senate.govWI D Feingold, Russell russell_feingold@feingold.senate.gov WI D Kohl, Herbert senator_kohl@kohl.senate.govWV D Rockefeller, Jay senator@rockefeller.senate.govWY R Simpson, Alan senator@simpson.senate.gov WY R Thomas, Craig craig@thomas.senate.govSneate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources: webmaster@energy.senate.gov Senate Committee on Small Business: committee@small-bus.senate.gov Senate Special Committee on Aging : mailbox@aging.senate.govUNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVESAL 1 R Callahan, Sonny callahan@hr.house.gov AL 2 R Everett, Terry everett@hr.house.gov AL 5 D Cramer, Bud budmail@hr.house.gov AL 6 R Bachus, Spencer sbachus@hr.house.govAR 3 R Hutchinson, Tim timhutch@hr.house.gov AR 4 R Dickey, Jay jdickey@hr.house.govAZ 2 D Pastor, Ed edpastor@hr.house.gov AZ 5 R Kolbe, Jim jimkolbe@hr.house.gov AZ 6 R Hayworth, J.D. hayworth@hr.house.govCA 1 R Riggs, Frank repriggs@hr.house.gov CA 3 D Fazio, Vic dcaucus@hr.house.gov CA 6 D Woolsey, Lynn woolsey@hr.house.gov CA 7 D Miller, George gmiller@hr.house.gov CA 8 D Pelosi, Nancy sfnancy@hr.house.gov CA 10 R Baker, Bill bbaker@hr.house.gov CA 12 D Lantos, Tom talk2tom@hr.house.gov CA 13 D Stark, Pete petemail@hr.house.gov CA 14 D Eshoo, Anna annagram@hr.house.gov CA 15 R Campbell, Tom campbell@hr.house.gov CA 16 D Lofgren, Zoe zoegram@lofgren.house.govCA 17 D Farr, Sam samfarr@hr.house.gov CA 19 R Radanovich, George george@hr.house.gov CA 22 R Seastrand, Andrea andrea22@hr.house.gov CA 25 R McKeon, Howard tellbuck@hr.house.gov CA 28 R Dreier, David cyberrep@hr.house.govCA 36 D Harman, Jane jharman@hr.house.gov CA 40 R Lewis, Jerry khuiskes@hr.house.gov CA 42 D Brown, George E. talk2geb@hr.house.govCA 47 R Cox, Christopher chriscox@hr.house.gov CA 48 R Packard, Ron rpackard@hr.house.gov CA 49 R Bilbray, Brian bilbray@hr.house.govCO 2 D Skaggs, David skaggs@hr.house.gov CO 6 R Schaefer, Dan schaefer@hr.house.govCT 2 D Gejdenson, Sam bozrah@hr.house.gov CT 4 R Shays, Christopher cshays@hr.house.govDE AL R Castle, Michael delaware@hr.house.govFL 5 D Thurman, Karen kthurman@hr.house.gov FL 6 R Stearns, Cliff cstearns@hr.house.gov FL 7 R Mica, John mica@hr.house.gov FL 9 R Bilirakis, Michael truerep@hr.house.gov FL 12 R Canady, Charles canady@hr.house.govFL 13 R Miller, Dan miller13@hr.house.gov FL 15 R Weldon, Dave fla15@hr.house.gov FL 20 D Deutsch, Peter pdeutsch@hr.house.govFL 23 D Hastings, Alcee hastings@hr.house.govGA 3 R Collins, Mac rep3mac@hr.house.gov GA 4 R Linder, John jlinder@hr.house.gov GA 6 R Gingrich, Newton georgia6@hr.house.govGA 8 R Chambliss, Saxby saxby@hr.house.gov GA 10 R Norwood, Charlies ga10@hr.house.govGU AL D Underwood, Robert guamtodc@hr.house.govHI 1 D Abercrombie, Neil neil@abercrombie.house.govIA 2 R Nussle, James nussleia@hr.house.gov IA 5 R Latham, Tom latham@hr.house.govID 1 R Chenoweth, Helen askhelen@hr.house.govIL 1 D Rush, Bobby brush@hr.house.gov IL 4 D Gutierrez, Luis luisg@hr.house.govIL 11 R Weller, Jerry jweller@hr.house.gov IL 12 D Costello, Jerry jfcil12@hr.house.gov IL 13 R Fawell, Harris hfawell@hr.house.gov IL 14 R Hastert, Dennis dhastert@hr.house.gov IL 18 R LaHood, Ray lahood18@hr.house.gov IL 20 D Durbin, Richard durbin@hr.house.govIN 2 R McIntosh, David mcintosh@hr.house.gov IN 3 D Roemer, Tim troemer@hr.house.gov IN 4 R Souder, Mark souder@hr.house.gov IN 8 R Hostettler, John johnhost@hr.house.gov IN 9 D Hamilton, Lee hamilton@hr.house.govKS 1 R Roberts, Pat emailpat@hr.house.gov KS 2 R Brownback, Sam brownbak@hr.house.govKS 4 R Tiahrt, Todd tiahrt@hr.house.govKY 1 R Whitfield, Ed edky01@hr.house.govKY 3 D Ward, Mike mikemail@hr.house.govKY 4 R Bunning, Jim bunning4@hr.house.govLA 5 R McCrery, Jim mccrery@hr.house.govMA 1 D Olver, John olver@hr.house.gov MA 3 R Blute, Peter blute@hr.house.gov MA 5 D Meehan, Martin mtmeehan@hr.house.govMA 6 R Torkildsen, Peter torkma06@hr.house.gov MA 9 D Moakley, Joe jmoakley@hr.house.govMD 2 R Ehrlich, Robert rallen@lattanze.loyola.edu ehrlich@hr.house.gov MD 3 D Cardin, Ben cardin@hr.house.gov MD 4 D Wynn, Albert alwynn@hr.house.govME 2 D Baldacci, John baldacci@hr.house.govMI 1 D Stupak, Bart stupak@hr.house.govMI 2 R Hoekstra, Peter tellhoek@hr.house.govMI 2 R Hoekstra, Peter usavoice@hr.house.govMI 3 R Ehlers, Vernon congehlr@hr.house.govMI 4 R Camp, Dave davecamp@hr.house.gov MI 5 D Barcia, James jbarcia@hr.house.govMI 6 R Upton, Fred talk2fsu@hr.house.gov MI 7 R Smith, Nick repsmith@hr.house.gov MI 8 R Chrysler, Dick chrysler@hr.house.govMI 13 D Rivers, Lynn lrivers@hr.house.govMI 14 D Conyers, John jconyers@hr.house.govMN 1 R Gutknect, Gil gil@hr.house.govMN 2 D Minge, David dminge@hr.house.govMN 3 R Ramstad, Jim mn03@hr.house.gov MN 4 D Vento, Bruce vento@hr.house.govMN 5 D Sabo, Martin msabo@hr.house.gov MN 6 D Luther, Bill tellbill@hr.house.gov MN 7 D Peterson, Collin tocollin@hr.house.govMN 8 D Oberstar, James oberstar@hr.house.govMO 2 R Talent, James talentmo@hr.house.gov MO 3 D Gephardt, Richard gephardt@hr.house.govMS 1 R Wicker, Roger rwicker@hr.house.govMS 2 D Thompson, Bennie ms2nd@hr.house.govNC 2 R Funderburk, David funnc02@hr.house.govNC 4 R Heineman, Frederick thechief@hr.house.govNC 5 R Burr, Richard mail2nc5@hr.house.govNC 7 D Rose, Charlie crose@hr.house.govNC 9 R Myrick, Sue myrick@hr.house.gov NC 10 R Ballenger, Cass cassmail@hr.house.gov NC 11 R Taylor, Charles chtaylor@hr.house.govNC 12 D Watt, Mel melmail@hr.house.govND AL D Pomeroy, Earl epomeroy@hr.house.govNE 2 R Christensen, Jon talk2jon@hr.house.govNH 1 R Zeliff, Bill zeliff@hr.house.gov NH 2 R Bass, Charlie cbass@hr.house.govNJ 1 D Andrews, Robert randrews@hr.house.govNJ 7 R Franks, Bob franksnj@hr.house.govNJ 9 D Torricelli, Robert torricel@torricelli.comNJ 11 R Frelinghuysen, Rodney njeleven@hr.house.govNJ 12 R Zimmer, Dick dzimmer@hr.house.govNM 3 D Richardson, Bill billnm03@hr.house.govNV 1 R Ensign, John ensign@hr.house.govNY 1 R Forbes, Michael mpforbes@hr.house.govNY 2 R Lazio, Rick lazio@hr.house.govNY 3 R King, Peter peteking@hr.house.govNY 7 D Manton, Thomas tmanton@hr.house.gov NY 8 D Nadler, Jerrold nadler@hr.house.govNY 13 R Molinari, Susan molinari@hr.house.govNY 14 D Maloney, Carolyn cmaloney@hr.house.govNY 15 D Rangel, Charles rangel@hr.house.govNY 16 D Serrano, Jose jserrano@hr.house.govNY 17 D Engel, Eliot engeline@hr.house.gov NY 18 D Lowey, Nita nitamail@hr.house.govNY 19 R Kelly, Sue dearsue@hr.house.govNY 21 D McNulty, Michael mmcnulty@hr.house.gov NY 23 R Boehlert, Sherwood boehlert@hr.house.govNY 25 R Walsh, James jwalsh@hr.house.gov NY 26 D Hinchey, Maurice hinchey@hr.house.gov NY 27 R Paxon, Bill bpaxon@hr.house.govOH 2 R Portman, Rob portmail@hr.house.govOH 4 R Oxley, Michael oxley@hr.house.gov OH 10 R Hoke, Martin hokemail@hr.house.govOH 12 R Kasich, John budget@hr.house.govOH 13 D Brown, Sherrod sherrod@hr.house.govOH 15 R Pryce, Deborah pryce15@hr.house.govOH 17 D Traficant, James telljim@hr.house.govOK 5 R Istook, Jr. Ernest istook@hr.house.govOR 1 D Furse, Elizabeth furseor1@hr.house.govOR 4 D DeFazio, Pete pdefazio@hr.house.gov OR 5 R Bunn, Jim askbunn@hr.house.govPA 7 R Weldon, Curt curtpa7@hr.house.gov PA 11 D Kanjorski, Paul kanjo@hr.house.gov PA 12 D Murtha, John murtha@hr.house.govPA 13 R Fox, Jon jonfox@hr.house.govPA 15 D McHale, Paul mchale@hr.house.govPA 16 R Walker, Robert pa16@hr.house.govSC 1 R Sanford, Mark sanford@hr.house.gov SC 4 R Inglis, Bob binglis@hr.house.govSC 5 D Spratt, John jspratt@hr.house.govSC 6 D Clyburn, James jclyburn@hr.house.govTN 5 D Clement, Bob clement@hr.house.govTN 6 D Gordon, Bart bart@hr.house.gov TN 9 D Ford, Harold hford@hr.house.govTX 1 D Chapman, Jim jchapman@hr.house.gov TX 2 D Wilson, Charles cwilson@hr.house.govTX 3 R Johnson, Sam samtx03@hr.house.govTX 6 R Barton, Joe barton06@hr.house.gov TX 10 D Doggett, Lloyd doggett@hr.house.govTX 17 D Stenholm, Charles texas17@hr.house.gov TX 20 D Gonzalez, Henry bnkgdems@hr.house.govTX 24 D Frost, Martin frost@hr.house.gov TX 25 D Bentsen, Ken bentsen@hr.house.govTX 29 D Green, Gene ggreen@hr.house.govUT 2 R Greene, Enid enidutah@hr.house.govUT 3 D Orton, Bill ortonut3@hr.house.govVA 2 D Pickett, Owen opickett@hr.house.gov VA 5 D Payne, Lewis lfpayne@hr.house.govVA 6 R Goodlatte, Bob talk2bob@hr.house.govVA 8 D Moran, Jim repmoran@hr.house.govVA 9 D Boucher, Rick ninthnet@hr.house.gov VA 11 R Davis, Tom tomdavis@hr.house.govVT AL I Sanders, Bernie bsanders@hr.house.govWA 1 R White, Rick repwhite@hr.house.govWA 3 R Smith, Linda asklinda@hr.house.govWA 5 R Nethercutt, George grnwa05@hr.house.govWA 8 R Dunn, Jennifer dunnwa08@hr.house.govWA 9 R Tate, Randy rtate@hr.house.govWI 1 R Neumann, Mark mneumann@hr.house.govWI 2 R Klug, Scott badger02@hr.house.govWI 4 D Kleczka, Gerald jerry4wi@hr.house.gov WI 5 D Barrett, Tom telltom@hr.house.govWI 6 R Petri, Tom tompetri@hr.house.gov WI 8 R Roth, Toby roth08@hr.house.govWI 9 R Sensenbrenner, James sensen09@hr.house.govWV 2 D Wise, Robert bobwise@hr.house.govWV 3 D Rahall, Nick nrahall@hr.house.govHouse Committee on Budget, budget@hr.house.govHouse Committee on Commerce, commerce@hr.house.govHouse Committee on Economic and Educational Opportunities House Subcommittee on Employer-Employee Relations, slabmgnt@hr.house.govHouse Committee on Resources, resource@hr.house.govHouse Committee on Rules Subcommittee on Rules, cyberrep@aol.com House Committee on Science, science@hr.house.govHouse Commitee on Science (minority), scidems@hr.house.gov House Committee on Small Business, mbizcom@hr.house.gov House Republican Policy Committee, repubpol@hr.house.govHouse Committee on Commerce, COMMERCE@HR.HOUSE.GOVHouse Committee on Small Business. SMBIZCOM@HR.HOUSE.GOVSenate@mailbot.com, House@mailbot.com

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