NORMA JEAN: Who's Zoomin' Who?

Dear Norma Jean...If you would enlighten me with what seems to be your vast knowledge, please. Just because one is young, male and homosexual/gay/whatever, who says that you either have 'just sex' and then be friends, or be treated like garbage by someone whose advances you turn down?... I have a hard time separating my heart from my body, and frankly I don't care for most of the men making advances on me. I'm flattered, I admit, but then I politely apologize for turning them down telling them that I'm honestly seeking friends, and from there I'll decide about sex. I resent men telling me I don't know what I want because I'm young. I have quite refined tastes... and am rather concrete in thought. The older men I date usually have a problem with this. Who do you know that can afford to give their heart to a stranger? I don't look at the world like everyone is "out to get some" using friendship as an excuse. Do I have a healthy view or not for a GM?Dazed and ConfusedDear Dazed,No one can afford to give their heart to a stranger, gay-straight or otherwise, though we all have; and it's precisely this school of 'hard knocks' that seems to be a prerequisite to opening the heart for many people. As a woman, once very young and particularly beautiful, I can tell you that youth is a magnet for lust, desire and false promise. Flattery is mere junk food for the vain, so don't flatter yourself with the number of older men who want to fuck you. People cheat themselves and each other when chasing sex for physical or ego gratification. The older I get, the more my heart is fused with my loins. Sure it's fun to fuck; and I recommend fucking to magnify your life-energy, but always know exactly what you are doing and don't victimize yourself if it's a "slam-bang thank you man." It happens."Forgive yourself for your trespasses as you forgive those who trespass against you", as in those "out to get some." Let's all take responsibility for our own parts in this mating drama..And Norma Jean,Is it hectic or facile to help people figure out there love lives?It's becoming more facile for me to share my perceptions and feelings on many heart-related matters; mostly because it has inadvertently become my 'yoga' or practice to do so; and my personal fascination. I meet people from every walk of life and am privy to deep secrets of the human heart. Sometimes it feels as if we're all in this together, bushwhacking through the underbrush of our lusts, dreams, past, and longing for true friendship and love at every turn of our lives. It's as difficult as ever to navigate being single and ISO (in search of).Yes, it is hectic for me to dwell in this sensitive and sometimes uncomfortable area attempting to keep my heart open and forgiving. I make big mistakes and can be a bull in the china shop of the heart too. Sometimes I forget everything I've learned.Remember, all men/women are created equally human.To your health,


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