Norma Jean: The Lobster Trap

It isnÕt often I hear about marriages and soul-mate connections made through personals, but I have at least seven accounts now of Òtrue love matingsÓ this year, made right here on these gritty pages.LeaAnn, a vivacious, cute, 32 year old blonde woman, came bouncing into my office about a week ago with wedding photos in hand, gushing with thanks for our services. She made only one call to a man in the personals and he is now her husband!Mark, 33, recently divorced and ready to make new friends, wrote a really cute ad entitled ÒOOH OOH PICK ME PICK MEÓ, if anyone remembers this one. He got 3 calls. Mark had given up on his ad after a few weeks and went on a vacation but decided to check his messages one last time when he returned.ÒInitially I thought of my ad as a lobster trap that I set out each day in the ocean. IÕd rush home at night and check my messages to see if I caught anything. It was really fun. The first woman I met was nice, but we just werenÕt a match. The second one I never met. After a while the novelty wore off, but I did check one last time weeks later. Then, the big one arrived, the prize. LeaAnne sounded incredible on the phone. We talked three times before we met. It was love at first sight, no kidding.ÓLeaAnne describes her experience.ÒMy friends were so sick of hearing me whine about how hard it is to meet someone, so they shoved the personals at me and said, ÒHere call one of these guysÓ!. At first I thought the ads were a joke but as I really read through them, one caught my eye. I liked the headline and the ad said the right things for me. I picked up the phone and answered honestly. I loved the sound of his voice and what he had to say. When we finally met I thought ÔOh yes...Õ It was instant chemistry. We did lots of talking and beers and playing pool until 5 am. Mark called the next day and as tired as we were we met again. The rest is history.ÓÒI knew IÕd accept nothing less than the best, and that is what I got! I wish this for everyone! DonÕt be afraid to call the ads, women, life is too short to spend it alone!ÓSometimes I love my job! Norma Jean


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