NORMA JEAN: Hello, I Love You

[Ed Note: Artwork must accompany column. Designed to your specifications at no cost by Missy Neal, Art Director. Call 505-268-8111.]Dear Norma Jean,I have been a fan of your column for a long time. To me, the tone of your "Truth Heals" column seemed more vulnerable than usual, and suggests you might like to hear some positive reader response. In that spirit, I offer this letter to you modestly.It is true I only know of you from what you write, but that is enough to know that you are a woman who tries to live her life honestly and with her eyes open; and also tries to help people see some of the same issues. You certainly have helped me. Recently I have made a serious move towards truth in my own life. Your views on the subject have served me as an inspiration and comfort. You know there is comfort in numbers, so please understand your work does have an effect; in my case certainly. Where there is one there are many!With thanks and respect,John KovarnaDear Norma Jean,I thank and commend you for writing from your heart in your weekly column. You reach beyond the plastic and superficial to expose the real, in this crazy, cruel, beautiful world. Honesty, romance and compassion are never out-of-date.I urge you to make your writing available to a much larger audience -- a nationwide audience.Don SchraderHost of weekly TV show, "Clearly From My Heart"Dear John and Don,Thank you for the letters of acknowledgment. Your generosity does not go unappreciated. It is so rare to hear the things that one does right (or at least with effect or meaning). All of us are out there spinning our wheels, interacting in every way, every day, and still--in the silence of our private world--we have no idea if our lives have any meaning or if anyone cares.In fact, the only aspect of living and loving that inspires me is a brazen inquiry into all of life's complexity. Honesty is a starting point from which we can gain some understanding of what we all "owe" each other, what we might expect from our loved ones, and how to best "serve" ourselves and others. The world will go on after we are dead, and some of us need to be reminded that the game is not all about satisfying our puny egos (i.e. "My god, I haven't been laid in three months!"; " My dad doesn't like my work!") When I write about sex, clit piercing, flogging, soul-mate searching, swinging, romance, sleeping with Warren Beatty or Al Pacino -- even masturbation -- it is not to shock or amuse (well maybe a little). I truly believe we are all equally human and deserve to express whatever it is that gets us through the day without hurting others or denying them their same rights. As a Sagittarius, I'm a philosopher at heart, and can sound tactless at moments. And yes, I have been particularly vulnerable and sensitive lately. As my son enters his fourth year of life, my heart feels connected to the 4-year-old in all of us. I am poignantly aware of time passing, of aging. My column is me. Nice to meet you.Norma Jean


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