Norma Jean

Dear Norma Jean,...Your love quest is dear to me and well understood.The problem is that most of us somewhere along the line have someone who loves us. Sometimes they love us deeply and intensely. Most of us have felt that ache in the center of the chest, as that love is rejected or as the reciprocation of that love is withheld.You are not looking for someone to love you, ... you are looking for someone who inspires love in you -- someone who you suddenly want to take care of, learn all about ... someone who opens your heart, not theirs. Then it is up to you to inspire that same feeling back. ... When it happens truly, people touch soul to soul, and ... no age difference, race, politics, religion, financial status or beliefs held to that moment matter at all. When someone opens your heart and you open theirs, all else is swept aside.The best mortals can do in the expression of this feeling of love culminates in sex. ... Confusing as it can be, it may only last a night, or a week, month or year, and then the feeling is gone. It's all right; find another person who inspires love in you and opens that heart. -- AlexAlex,It seems like you're saying that the joy of love is found in loving someone else, and not necessarily in receiving, unless it is "inspired back."The men I thought I loved most passionately were the men who took more than they gave to me. If you look back on all the great love affairs in your life, who would you say was doing all the "loving" and "caring" in those you've defined as "the big ones?" Which of you was the luckier one on the "love high"?You remind us also of those people who give and give, who are devoted and in love with us. In some cases, they move great distances to be near, or take up similar hobbies to feel closer to us. The men who have loved me the most, and wanted to be devoted to me forever were those, unfortunately, that I gave very little to, those that couldn't tap my passions. Why is it that these people who get all the charge of loving never seem to earn our love back with the same enthusiasm? Everyone says they want to be loved, but who do they want to be loved by -- those they can't get close to?I guess the trick is in finding a union where the tables keep turning -- where the whole process of give and take remains unpredictable and alive, either for one night or one year...Passionately,Norma Jean

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