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Different Strokes for Different FolksMarital infidelity has become more tolerable to Canadians, according to a CTV/Angus Reid poll, which found that 51 percent of Canadians considered cheating more socially acceptable than it was 10 years ago. Almost two in 10 Canadians admitted to having had an extramarital affair.Malaysia's fundamentalist-Muslim Kelantan state announced the lights will be left on in cinema halls during movies to prevent patrons from smooching. "We have directed lights to be switched on in cinemas during shows to prevent immoral acts like kissing, cuddling and other activities," Kelantan Chief Minister Nik Aziz Nik Mat said. "If we can watch television at home with the lights on, then why not in cinemas?"Early Bird SpecialArgentine police arrested a trio of geriatric bandits who they said held up 22 stores in a month-long crime spree. The three men -- aged 67, 72 and 74 -- would leave their Buenos Aires retirement home in the morning for a stroll, walking sticks in hand and pistols hidden in their pockets. Two would then go inside the shops and pull out their guns while the third kept guard outside.It HappensBritain's Environment Agency threw 500 cucumbers into the Irish Sea to find out why sheep droppings are floating ashore on British beaches and where they're coming from. The biodegradable cucumbers were painted five different colors to be dropped off at different marine "launch sites." They were chosen because they float below the surface and are driven by tides, not wind. "It may seem unusual," agency spokesperson Mike Weston said, "but cucumbers are ideal for this experiment."Modern AstronomyGangs of Muslim youths paraded through the streets of Kaduna, Nigeria, to protest an eclipse of the moon, saying it was caused by "sins of infidels." The protesters chanted "Allah akbar," a Muslim prayer meaning "God is the greatest." The independent Guardian newspaper reported the youths, aged 9 to 15, harassed women and customers in hotels and beer parlors, blaming their actions for the eclipse the night before.Beauty's Only Skin DeepBritish doctors warned that visiting the hairdresser may be hazardous to some customers after a woman suffered a stroke while having her hair washed. When the woman stretched her head backwards over the sink, she damaged the carotid artery in her neck. Doctors who examined the woman found that the lining of one of the arteries had torn away and was blocking passage of blood to her brain. One doctor recommended that hairdressers not over-extend customers' necks. Ernie Talarico Jr., who used a stun gun to commit battery and sexually molest two men, blamed his crimes on acne medication. As a result, the Chicago man said he suing the dermatologist who prescribed the medicine, as well as the manufacturer.Felonious FoodAfter two motorists "chest-butted" each other during a traffic dispute in Longview, Wash., one of the men claims he was assaulted with a burrito. Edward Rains, 56, insisted one of his teeth is now loose as a result of the "burrito attack." Daryl Foster, 49, said he did not intend the assault and was just "waving his arms around when the accident happened."Sabina Richardson, 26, was arrested in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., after pelting boyfriend Darryl Garret, 29, with frozen chicken legs when he came home late. Broward County Sheriff's detectives said she threw in a telephone and a circular saw for good measure and also jumped on Garret's back and bit him.RatsHonduras launched a campaign to eliminate rats from hospitals after 13 patients died in Tegucigalpa this August when rats chewing on electrical wires caused a short-circuit in the intensive care unit of the Mario Catarino Rivasto hospital. The short-circuit stopped respirators and other life-maintaining equipment. In September, the Ernesto Cortissoz airport in Barranquilla, Colombia, shut down for nearly an hour after a rat caused a short circuit by urinating on a high-power cable, knocking out communications between the control tower and incoming aircraft.Short SubjectsA Hong Kong court sentenced Chan Wing-hong, 38, to five years in jail after he admitting killing and dismembering the only woman he ever loved because she called him a dwarf. Chan, who is 4-foot-6, said he spent all his money during the five-week relationship with the prostitute because she was his "first girlfriend." The couple argued when Chan ran out of money. "She said, 'You bloody dwarf. I see no reason I like you'," Chan said. "I was very disappointed."In White Plains, N.Y., mail carrier Martha Cherry, 49, was fired after 18 years of service because her stride is too short. Cherry, who is 5-foot-5, was observed walking her delivery route at 66 paces per minute with a stride less than one foot. Her removal notice stated: "At each step, the heel of your leading foot did not pass the toe of the trailing foot by more than one inch. As a result, you required 13 minutes longer than your demonstrated ability to deliver mail to this section of your route."Queen for a DayTen young women seeking to be "Miss Europe" fled Ukraine days before the final competition, apparently disgusted with living conditions in the former Soviet republic. Officials said the young women had complained of being served stale bread and of not having their sheets changed for a week at their residence, a former resort of Communist Party bosses located in a forest outside of Kiev. Local media reported that Miss Wales and Miss England had been forced into a local nightclub where they were "treated like prostitutes."Loafing into Old AgeBritain's Allied Bakeries announced it has concocted a new loaf that can help reduce the symptoms of menopause. The company's Burgen Bread contains soya and linseed, which medical research suggests can help reduce the hot flashes affecting many menopausal womenCompiled by Roland Sweet from the nation's press. Send clippings, citing source and date, to POB 8130, Alexandria VA 22306.

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