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BAD SPORTSRuling in favor of a woman who said she was publicly humiliated when the Miami Heat's mascot dragged her onto the court in front of 6,000 spectators during an exhibition basketball game, a federal judge in San Juan, Puerto Rico, awarded her $10,000 in damages. Yvonne Gil-Rebollo had sued for $1 million. Mascot Wes Lockard explained he "just wanted to dance" with Gil-Rebollo, who is the wife of Francisco Rebollo, a Puerto Rico Supreme Court judge and the sister of Guillermo Gil Bonar, the island's U.S. attorney.Two mothers of youth-league cheerleaders were charged with assault and battery after a dispute during a football practice at Rustburg (Va.) Middle School. "It was an argument that started over paying a $5 fee for snacks after practice," said Lt. Earl Jordan of the Campbell County Sheriff's Department. He explained that all the children were supposed to donate the money, but team mom Darlene Foster Berryman put her hand on the shoulder of Karen Ramey's daughter and told the child she couldn't have a snack. That upset Ramey, who, Jordan said, "ran up to tell her to keep her hands off her child." The practice stopped as the children and other parents watched the two women duke it out.Jacquelynn Stafford accepted an out-of-court settlement after filing a $300,000 lawsuit against Kevin Grenway, claiming he broke her collarbone during a YMCA softball game in Baltimore County, Md, when he failed to slide into second base as required by the rules. Initially, Stafford had sued both Grenway and the White Marsh YMCA, which in turn had sued the team manager, umpire and the company that made the team's T-shirts in hopes of recovering any losses. A circuit judge later ruled that Stafford could sue Grenway but nobody else.PUSH-BUTTON AGETo relieve the courts, Arizona introduced the QuickCourt system: ATM-like machines for filing paperwork to get a simple divorce, change a name or file a small claim. By mid-1997, 150 will be in place. Fees range up to $30. A REAL HEELPolice in Glendora, Calif., arrested Ysaias Grijalba, 27, for approaching women and kissing their feet. Police spokesperson Timothy Staab said the unemployed warehouse worker told the women he was a college student studying massage therapy, then talked them into letting him massage their feet. He also expressed interest in one woman's armpits. "I've been told foot fetishes may not be unusual," Staab said, "but the particular way this individual carried out his foot fetishes was unusual." IGNORANCE IS HIS EXCUSEFederally licensed gun dealer Patrick L. Bark, 59, pleaded guilty to illegally selling 1,359 guns in Kansas City, some that ended up in the hands of juveniles and others to known felons and undercover officers he believed were convicted felons. At his sentencing, Bark pointed out that he was not entirely at fault. "I blame half of it on the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) for letting me go as long as they did," Bark said. "They did not come to my house at any time. They could have stopped me the minute they found out I sold one illegal gun."MOOD MUSICAccording to a survey taken by Black Pearl Records of New Jersey: * "Single women who earned over $45,000 a year were 79 percent less likely to listen to music during sex than married women who earned over $45,000 a year."* "Twelve percent of single women who listen to jazz during sex professed to wanting abortion banned."* "Seventeen percent of married women who listen to alternative music also enjoyed watching porno movies after returning home from a music concert, while 24 percent of single women who listen to rhythm and blues music preferred having sex before going out on a date." * "Fifty-six percent of married women said they enjoyed a sporting event more if a well-known male singer sang the national anthem before the game." * "Sixty percent of women who listen to Luther Vandross professed that kissing was more important than sex."CAPITALIZING ON COMMUNISMImages of the old German Democratic Republic abound at "ostalgia" parties organized by Ralf Heckel, 27, since last May. For $3,350 to $10,000, he decorates nightclubs with old East German flags and slogan-filled banners. Featured entertainers are called the "Easty-Girls" -- teens dressed in hot pants and communist youth-league shirts who sing and dance. Their disco songs with patriotic lyrics have caught the ear of at least one record label. "Ostalgia is really hot," said Marlis Jahnke of Polydor Records. "This is absolutely chart-making music."JUST GO WHOASally Keith, 90, offered to set up a $250,000 scholarship fund for American Indian women at the University of Arizona, but the school rejected the proposal because it stated applicants would be judged more on personality than grades and "preference will be given to a girl who has been able to say 'no' to sex." Keith said she got the idea after learning about the high number of teen pregnancies in Arizona.SURVEY SAYSItalian men and Belgian women cry the most, according to a Dutch survey of people in 27 countries conducted by the psychology department at Tilburg University. Bulgarian men and Nigerian women cry the least. "Women cry more than men almost everywhere in the world," said Marleen Becht, one of the study team. "And all over the world, it's the same: People prefer to cry alone -- if possible at home in their bedrooms." A University of Michigan survey found marital bliss peaks during the honeymoon, declines for the next 20 years, but then soars to new heights around the 35th anniversary. "Our results show that declines in work and parental responsibilities explain a large portion of the increase in marital satisfaction in the later years of marriage," UM sociologist Terri L. Orbuch said. "Declining income and increasing assets in later life also explain a small portion of the increase."


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