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Omnivores DigestAt Fairchild Air Force Base near Spokane, Wash., where U.S. pilot Scott O'Grady underwent the 17-day survival course he credited with saving his life after his plane was downed in Bosnia, instructors said they work hard to overcome students' aversion to eating bugs. "Drastic times may call for drastic action," Chief Master Sgt. Lovelady said. "For some of us, that might be eating an ant." In South Africa, Dorah Ramothibe, who turned 114 on July 27, attributed her longevity to sound morals and a steady diet of tortoise meat and locusts. Three Manila men died in July after eating a poisonous bullfrog. "We picked up the frog in the streets while we were having a drink," said a fourth man, Rexie Labdiano, 19, who was in critical condition at Philippine General Hospital. "We thought that we could eat it." In Korea, Choi Myong-suk, a 21-year-old children's-shoe salesman pulled from the rubble of a collapsed shopping mall in Seoul in July, told reporters that he survived for nine days in a 4-foot-wide space with only a trickle of rainwater to drink and a cardboard box to eat.Holy MatrimonyAfter Scott Hancock, 25, pleaded no contest to hitting longtime companion Yvonne Sevier, Hamilton County, Ohio, Municipal Judge Albert Mestemaker ordered him to marry the victim within nine months. Mestemaker later admitted his order was "ill-conceived" and withdrew it. An Egyptian Court of Appeals ordered a happily married couple to divorce after declaring the husband, Cairo University professor Nasr Hamed Abu Zeid, apostate from Islam. Judge Farouq Abdel Alim ruled that Abu Zeid's academic writings made him a non-Muslim and noted that Egyptian law forbids marriage between a Muslim woman and non-Muslim man. Abu Zeid's wife, fellow professor Ibtehal Yunis, vowed to stand by her man, although she faces imprisonment as an adulteress for continuing to consort with him. In Bountiful, Utah, Bruce Jensen, 39, discovered that his wife of 3 1/2 years was a man. The deception by Felix Urioste, 34, unraveled when Jensen filed a missing person report and police learned that Las Vegas, Nev., authorities had arrested Urioste for using fraudulent credit cards issued to Bruce and Leasa Jensen to run up at least $40,000 in debt. He was traveling as a bearded man. Authorities said the feminine-looking Urioste, who already had his testicles, but not his penis, removed in anticipation of a sex-change operation when he met Jensen at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center while masquerading as a female doctor, never let Jensen see him naked during their celibate marriage. Jensen wed Urioste out of a sense of obligation after Urioste claimed to be pregnant with twins after their lone sexual encounter. Urioste later said the twins were stillborn. "I feel pretty stupid," Jensen said, adding that he is seeking an annulment, citing irreconcilable differences.We're from the Government, We're Here to HelpUsing a gill net to catch illegally introduced lake trout at Yellowstone National Park backfired, according to federal biologists. The net, which kills the fish it catches, snared only four lake trout compared with 150 cutthroat, the species the biologists are trying to save.Nuts Behind the WheelMargaret Bowen, 78, was taking a driving test in Hillside, Ill., when the examiner told her to use her turn signals. Instead, Hillside Deputy Police Chief Frank Alonzo said she accidentally put her car in reverse and ran over her son, killing him. She also failed the test. In North Knox County, Tenn., the parents of a 14-year-old girl asked the teen to move the car in their driveway about a foot so they could climb on it to pull down an attic ladder in the garage. Sheriff's Deputy Tim Heck said the girl pressed the accelerator too hard, causing the car to speed out of the driveway, careen across the street and crash through a neighbor's garage into the living room. In San Mateo, Calif., Lloyd Biag, 15, was watching television in the family room in a converted garage when family friend Theresa S. Dychioco, 38, pulled into the driveway. She told police that she hit the accelerator instead of the brake, and the car ripped through the garage door, trapping Biag for about 20 minutes until rescuers could lift the car off him. Los Angeles police said Jose and Iris Larzabal were driving to a restaurant when they got lost and ran out of gas. After spending the night in the car, the Alzheimer's-afflicted husband left his disabled wife in the car and went for gas. He became disoriented and, after a passerby came to his aid, couldn't recall where he had left his wife. He described the car as blue-gray, but it was actually cream-colored. Iris Larzabal, 79, was finally rescued after four days when she flagged down a bicyclist and asked for help. Police in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., said Sandra D'Avanzo, 37, didn't trust herself to drive home after having drinks at dinner, so she told her 10-year-old daughter to take the wheel of the Mercedes-Benz. The child made it as far as three houses from home when she ran off the road and crashed into a neighbor's front yard.Speaking Their MindBritish author Salman Rushdie, condemned to death six years ago in a religious edict by the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, could considerably improve relations between Iran and the West by dying a natural death, according to Iran's parliament speaker. "If he dies himself," Ali Akbar Nateq-Nouri told a Western reporter, "our and your problem will be resolved." Rep. Mark Souder, R-Ind., compared people in Kentucky and Tennessee to Branch Davidian cult leader David Koresh. Telling a reporter from the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette that the only law the FBI clearly established Koresh broke was having sex with consenting minors, Souder asked, "Do you send tanks and government troops into the large sections of Kentucky and Tennessee and other places where such things occur?" Noting that Koresh viewed himself as married to the women, the freshman Republican accused the government of "sending tanks in to enforce polygamy laws."

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